Poor T-Dog 2.0. Your Days Are Numbered, My Friend: First Footage Of Tyrese, The Newest "Walking Dead" Character

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Poor T-Dog 2.0. Your Days Are Numbered, My Friend: First Footage Of Tyrese, The Newest "Walking Dead" Character

By TK | Trade News | November 30, 2012 | Comments ()


First of all, yes. Tyrese, one of the best characters from the comic books, has been cast, and yes, the casting is fucking awesome. Chad Coleman, otherwise known as Cutty from "The Wire," will soon be joining the group. When and how, we don't know. But it's terrific casting.


There is also some first footage. I will warn you of two things: It's in Spanish, and there's theoretically a large spoiler-ish moment in the footage. But still, it's cool if you don't mind those two things. The only thing that remains to be seen is whether or not the show will actually have (gasp!) two black males on the same show for more than two episodes. I don't know - we've cleared out a few cast members recently, so maybe there's room. We'll see whether or not "The Walking Dead" can finally deal with its race issues intelligently.

Unfortunately, the footage isn't embeddable, so click here head over to i09 and check it out, then head back and bitch/celebrate.

NO SPOILERS. Those who ignore this rule will be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly. Or, you know, I'll just delete your comment.

(h/t to the fantabulous Cindy Davis for the heads up)

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  • jzhz

    In other news - Cutty is HOT.

  • SilentDan

    I'll be very fucking cross if they waste this guys talent too!

  • Enrique del Castillo

    I love that I saw this preview on tuesday, right after the episode aired on Fox here in Peru; it's nice to get something different than the US previews (and it got me excited for sunday's episode even more)

  • Fredo

    I thought T-Dog was Tyrese.

    I'm so confused.

  • mona_sterling

    I was convinced they were going to use the Oscar character as a Tyrese-alternative. Now I don't know what the hell is going on.

  • DeistBrawler

    Then I thought the inmate, Oscar, was supposed to be Tyrese.

    I'm REALLY confused.

  • David Sorenson

    I'm clearly the most confused. I thought Rick was supposed to be Tyrese. Maybe Tyrese won't be Tyrese.

  • LordTomHulce

    Perfect casting.

  • Long-ish, possibly pointless story ahead:

    Years ago I met an actress named Sally while she was in a play with my then significant other. Years later I was on set for season 4 of The Wire doing some behind the scenes shooting and got to talking with Chad during some down time. That day they happened to be shooting the scene where he gets shot outside the gym. Fast forward a few months and it's the premiere event and I happen to see Sally on the press line and say hello. She introduces me to her husband - Chad, who actually remembers me and we say hello and talk for a minute or so. At one point I say "Yeah, we were on set the day they shot Cutty" at which point Sally's face totally drops because she had done everything in her power to stay spoiler-free especially concerning her husband's character. I'm socially defective.

    Again, pointless story, but the two brief path-crossings I have had with Chad Coleman have left me with a very positive impression of the guy as nice & down to earth (plus his wife is really sweet) so I'm happy to see him associated with my favorite current show.

  • DarthCorleone

    I dunno. I think she should have made a point of seeing The Wire *before* she married him. :- )

  • lowercase_ryan

    you're such a dick.

    just kidding.

  • Blake

    T-Dogg 2.0's name is actually Oscar.

    Chad Coleman is a great addition.

  • TK

    I'm aware of that, but thank you.

  • Frank Berrodin

    This is great. Cutty will be badass.

    Cutty: Game done changed.Slim Charles: Game's the same, just got more fierce.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    I like the casting but I'm going to have to say this; I'm betting that they give Tyrese more back story in the first two episodes he's in than they gave T-Dog over three seasons. Which basically means if they tell us where Tyrese is from.

  • malikvlc

    If you're trying to stay spoiler-free, avoid perusing the comments at the io9 link.

    Casting for the show has been pretty near perfect all this time, and just continues to get it right. I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone is brought together...

  • Carrie/Teabelly

    I haven't read the comics and I'm new to TWD this season, but he was brilliant in The Wire, so yay.

    I am enjoying this show much more than I expected to. At some point I might go back and watch the earlier seasons, though I know not everyone loved them.

  • SJ

    I think the many complaints voiced are more an indicator of people's high expectations rather than the quality of the episodes themselves. Not that there aren't legimitimate complaints, but overall, TWD is good enough that most people made it to season 3. And honestly, watching all previous episodes back-to-back makes some of the slower episodes in Season 2 easier to handle.

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