Pictorial: Plot Description and Cast of Oz: The Great and Powerful

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | May 18, 2011 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | May 18, 2011 |

Last year, when Robert Downey, Jr. was the presumed lead in Oz: The Great and Powerful, the Hollywood Cog unearthed plot details on Mitchell Kapner's script, which Sam Raimi is set to direct. Those details painted Oz: The Great and Powerful as something a little more risqué than one might expect from a prequel to what is, essentially, a children's movie. The principal cast -- which was fully assembled yesterday -- seems to fit that description. (SPOILERS)

The movie would focus on a younger wizard, and his origins in the Land of Oz. It would have the Wizard -- a snake-oil salesman posing as a magician -- enter Oz via a hot-air balloon, which he uses to escape an angry husband who has found out that Oz slept with his wife. There, Oz -- a fast-talking huckster who wears a velveteen frock coat -- falls in love with Glinda (the Good Witch), and the two combine forces to Fight the Evil Witches Evanora and Theodora. Theodora starts out as a good witch, but after Oz jilts her sexual advances, Evanora -- the truly evil witch -- convinces Theodora to become an evil witch with her and help her to rule all of Oz.

With Michelle Williams added to the cast, we now have the four leads, and now we can see how the cast jibes with the plot details:

The Wizard: James Franco


Glinda: The Good Witch: Michelle Williams


Theodora: The Good/Evil Witch: Mila Kunis


Evanora: The Truly Evil Witch: Rachel Weisz


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