"Parkland" Trailer: Death Is a Nasty, Undignified Business, Even to the Greatest of Men
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Parkland Trailer: Death Is a Nasty, Undignified Business, Even to the Greatest of Men

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | August 21, 2013 | Comments ()


Parkland is not about the assassination of JFK itself, but the aftermath. The hours following that moment in Dallas when the shots rang out. It focuses on the people (played by Zac Efron and Marcia Gay Harden) in the hospital who attempted to save JFK’s life, on the man who happened to be videotaping the parade and caught the assassination on camera (Paul Giamatti), on the immediate investigation into the shooting (with Billy Bob Thornton), and on the brother of Lee Harvey Oswald (James Badge Dale), whose life ws basically over.

Colin Hanks, Ron Livingston, Colin Hanks, and Mark Duplass are also among the ensemble in what looks to be a very powerful, provoking movie from first-time director Peter Landesman. It’s a lot to take in on a Wednesday morning.

Parland arrives in theaters on September 20th.

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  • Catatonic

    He was "videotaping the parade"? In 1963? Okay.

  • e jerry powell

    Yup. Colin Hanks is so good he gets two spots in the ensemble!!

  • Jerce

    Damn. Just the trailer has me ripped up. I'll be going to see this.

  • Wigamer

    Play Tone is Tom Hanks' production company, I think, so it's probably going to be good. He tends to do really well with this kind of stuff. ETA--helps if you watch the whole trailer; it actually states in black and white that Hanks is a producer. Long day.

  • cheryl

    I'm in, though I think this film cries out for Kyle Chandler.

  • Wigamer

    As do many, many things.

  • exploranora

    I did my medical school in Dallas at Parkland hospital. It's now in a different building but I did get taught by one of the last living surgeons to have treated JFK that day. We also heard an excerpt from a very touching speech by the first one to receive him, who I guess is played by Zac Efron. I remember just a part of it, when he came home after countless hours in the hospital standing in his backyard in his white coat all bloodied and realizing he had a small piece of brain matter in his pocket. And then he buried the coat because that's what he felt was appropriate. Powerful stuff.

  • I can't wait. I'm a Dallas native, my mom dragged us to the Sixth Floor Museum a bunch of times, and I absolutely LOVED Stephen King's novel about the guy who goes back in time to stop the assassination. Apparently, Dallas was quite the hotbed of virulent anti-Kennedy sentiment - I was born in 82 so I wouldn't have known. I'm not sure why I'm so fascinated with the whole thing just now in my early 30s, but I'm really liking the tone that was struck in this trailer and it looks like Young Master Efron may have gotten himself a good acting coach within the past two years.

  • Stephen Nein

    I couldn't agree with you less about King's 11/22/63. I thought it was overly-sentimental and in dire need of an editor with balls. But he nailed the prevailing character and nature of Texas (& Dallas) in the early 60's, a few of the less well-known people in the story (like Zapruder & brother Oswald), and the stupid mistakes local law enforcement made before and after the assassination. If Parkland is based on a book, I'd love to read it because it was what I was hoping for in 11/22/63.

  • Honestly, I was in it for the time travel, the time travel rules he made up, and what he'd imagine the consequences would be for messing with history. The side-effect for me was a spark in interest in Cold-War Dallas, political attitudes, and what Kennedy meant to people, because I had no idea. History can be infinitely more fascinating than fiction sometimes.

  • ,

    Goddam that looks good, in an "Argo" kind of way. Just hope they didn't feel the need to pointlessly overdramatize an already absurdly dramatic and fascinating story like ... well, like "Argo" did.

    The immediate aftermath of the Kennedy assassination was a clusterfuck of epic proportions. Hope they get this right.

    Just seems strange to me they wouldn't release this in November.

    Also, 50 years later the gov't is still withholding a number of documents related to the case. I think the Warren Report is probably right, but the gov't has never helped itself dispel the conspiracy rumors with stuff like this.

  • $65530708

    Another JFK assassination movie? I thought Red Dwarf provided the definitive version of this event.

    *"starring Zac Efron" - INSTANT FAIL (unless you're marketing to a 12 year old girl or her mom).

    **When did Billy Bob turn into an Observer? I'd totally watch this if it was a Fringe movie.

  • firedmyass

    When did Billy Bob turn into Prof. Farnsworth?

  • NateMan

    Intense. Looks pretty good, and even Efron (in those 10 seconds) seemed to have it pretty well together.

  • All in on this, even with stubbled Efron top-lining. Only thing missing is Kevin Costner. Find a way to get him and his ridiculous New Orleans accent into this film and I'll pay $1000 for a ticket.

  • Jakesalterego

    Well that looks good.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Why? Why? Why didn't I break its legs?!
    I mean, 'shoot LBJ instead?'

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