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By Daniel Carlson | Industry | February 19, 2009 |

Man. Not long after learning that Fox’s animated “X-Men” would be coming to DVD, word has come that Shout Factory is planning a release of the first season of “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose,” currently set for June 30.

The Fox series ran from 1990-93 and starred Corin Nemec as Parker Lewis, who was basically Ferris Bueller with hair gel and bad shirts. The characters and titles are burned into my brain from youth, existing in that hazy area where my mind stores cheat codes and the daytime schedules of syndicated cable shows. (To this day, whenever I see actor Abraham Benrubi, I think, “Kubiac.” Every. Time.) The good news is that Shout Factory puts a lot of care into their reissues, as with their “Freaks and Geeks” sets and their anniversary collection of “Sports Night,” so this release looks primed to knock you back with nostalgia.

Synchronize Swatches.


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Industry | February 19, 2009 | Comments ()

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