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Pajiba Love Bluths: "Arrested Development" Gets Release Dates & Episode Names

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | January 2, 2013 | Comments ()


Did you miss me, my little chimichangas? I missed you! Mostly! Alas, the holidays are over and here we are, back to what we do best. For you that probably means a tried and true method for reading Pajiba on the sly at work. For me that means telling you about trade bidness. Today's trade bidness is like a banger in the mouth, kids. "Arrested Development" will premiere on Netflix on May 4, 2013.

You guys, I am so excited! I'm going to put on my best jean shorts, cuddle up with one of my cousins, and watch the sh*t out of this! My weekend is set! I hope there aren't any parties you were planning to invite me to, because I am busy! Busy like a bead! Bee? Bead? This is the best news ev...what?


Oh, f*ck you, Netflix.

Here are the episode names, regardless. I will go ahead and believe that these super creative names are correct:

Michael 1
Michael 2
George Sr. 1
George Sr. 2
Lindsay 1
Lindsay 2
George Michael 1
George Michael 2
Gob 2

Those are good, strong names. Pffft. Anyway, NETFLIX, you need to get your sh*t together and quit waving your one advantage over Amazon Prime in our faces. YOU'RE MAKING GOB SAD. COME ON.


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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not


    Though i have doubts of a good return for Arrested Development
    Still, i'm omg excited RAR!

  • These don't need to be amazing, but if they turn out to suck, I will be a very sad pig indeed.
    I'll settle for less-than-great.
    In fact a quality level somewhere between that of seasons 3 and 2 would be fine.
    Actually, screw all that. Be amazing.

  • poopnado

    I'm wondering if they'll be any Archer crossover...Jon Benjamin in an Arrested episode would blow my face off. But that's how you get ants...

  • Lotney

    What!! There is enough man meat inside Tobias for at least 3 episodes full of analrapist juicy blow hard innuendos.

  • Theunis Stofberg

    where is the Steve Holt episode? and also.. STEVE HOLT!

  • PerpetualIntern

    Taste the happy, Michael!

  • dizzylucy

    Don't worry, I've heard the sad tastes just like the happy.

    I cannot wait for this. I'm charging up my "little scooter" Segway, and putting on my leather in case I need to go into a controlled slide.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I don't know what to believe anymore. Just give it to us PLEASE!!

    Also, Lucille deserves two eps at least.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Sure she does, but if they called it "Lucille 2" it'd just be confusing.

    By the by, anyone know if Liza's confirmed to return?

  • Tinkerville

    She most certainly is, vertigo and all!

  • Bert_McGurt

    That's dizzyingly good news!

  • lowercase_ryan


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