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Our Public Education System Is Broken. We're Failing Our Kids

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | July 21, 2010 | Comments ()

Waiting for Superman follows a handful of promising children as they navigate the public school system, as it surveys the drop-out factories, and dissects the problems with the system. It looks like an amazing, powerful documentary, filled with heartbreak and inspiration, and I reallyfuckingwanttosee it. Watch this trailer.

If someone could tell me what that song is in the end, I'd appreciate it, too. I know that John Legend is involved in this documentary, and he's contributed this (really great) song to it, but I'd love to know what the one in the trailer is, too.

The documentary, a break-out hit at this year's Sundance Festival, is due to be released this fall. And if it sounds like I'm being a shill, it's because I am. I have no connection to the doc, of course, because I run a website that rhymes with the female anatomy. But just because I don't profit from it doesn't mean I can't be a shill for a film I haven't even seen yet. Take that and stick it in your hipster nihilism, Armond White.

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