Olivia Munn Chides Piers Morgan to His Face, Gains Respect of Last Remaining Munn Bashers

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | March 4, 2013 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | March 4, 2013 |

Attacking Piers Morgan for his dubious journalistic principles elevates her into near J-Law status. At Paleyfest over the weekend, Piers Morgan discussed Newsroom with Aaron Sorkin and much of the cast of the show, but it was Munn, not Sorkin, who delivered the best lines. Addressing the absurdity of newscasters becoming part of the news, Munn exprobated the CNN anchor:

"I prefer to see Piers Morgan and Diane Sawyer on the news and not on a red carpet," said Munn, a former sports reporter and G4 host. "You turn on CNN, and people are putting themselves in the story. ... Journalism is about other people's stories."

Munn referenced the recent Twitter feud that ensued when CNN anchor Don Lemon tweeted about a perceived snub from actor Jonah Hill in a hotel lobby.

"It's so obnoxious," she said. "Because he was Jonah Hill, that gives you something fun to tweet about, then I actually saw it on CNN. I cannot believe with the things going on in the world that we're spending so much time talking about this. Have your opinions on new stories or situations, but to make yourself newsworthy is so egotistical and self-absorbed."

Boom. Munn burn. Morgan didn't help himself soon thereafter pretty much saying that he'd rather cover anything with a hint of sensationalism over, you know, the most important news even of the last week.

"Honestly, no. I think the sequester is one of the most dreadfully boring stories ever told on television," responded Morgan, who added that they had decided to not even use the word "sequester" on air by the end of the week. "There are many stories that are just incredibly dry."

Sorkin's response: "I don't feel like I can tell anybody who does this for a living how to do it. I'm just thinking it would be so valuable if it could be done."



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