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Anyone who reads this site knows that movies can be incredibly frustrating. It's a medium we clearly all love, readers and writers alike, and yet despite that, Hollywood persists in pushing out more and more absolute goddamn trash. I understand that it's essentially a machine, designed to make money. And that for whatever reason, frequently those lowest-common-denominator films seem to make the most money. Even when they have massive budgets and decent actors, studios can still manage to create a complete nightmare, yet it will earn more than the GDP of most countries. It's enough to drive a critic and a fan crazy.

Why? Why is the question I most frequently ask, when I ponder these things. I mean, there's a difference between the low-budget, tongue-in-cheek trash that gets dumped onto the SyFy network, and the major theatrical releases. At some point, probably in the writing process, doesn't someone look at what they're doing, pause, sit back, shake their head, and just go, "You know what? This is absolute fucking garbage. There is not one redeeming thing about this script. I should just set this fucker on fire."

But that never happens, which is how we end up with Big Momma's House, and Transformers 2, and Valentine's Day, to name just a few of the most egregious transgressions of the last few years. There must just be a sort of communicable soullessness that infects everyone who participates. Everyone involved had to know that She's Just Not That Into You was a terrible movie. These aren't dirt-poor struggling actors who will do anything just to get their names up on the screen. These are the real deal, big money actors who willingly take part in total crap. I suppose not everyone can be Daniel Day-Lewis, but still.

Anyway. Every now and then, that model gets tossed out the window. Every now and then, we actually get something genuinely great, something that is beautiful and arresting and will genuinely make us remember what we're here for, why we love movies in the first place. We've already shown the trailer for this one, and it looks simply lovely. The actors are lesser-knowns, but in many ways, that's part of the appeal. Now, we've got a look at some of the early (very rough) production art for it, as well as the first poster. It really gives a pretty intense and unique glimpse into the creative process. It's heady stuff, gorgeous to look at, and shows that there are still film makers who are truly interested in creating something worthwhile and poignantly satisfying. Take a look (all images can be clicked to enlarge, which I recommend):




STILL 5 THC .jpg


STILL 6 THC .jpg






Because fuck you, that's why.

(Source: JoBlo, Bloody Disgusting)

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