News So Good You'll Want To Eat It: 'American Psycho' Musical Casts Matt Smith As Patrick Bateman

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News So Good You'll Want To Eat It: 'American Psycho' Musical Casts Matt Smith As Patrick Bateman

By Joanna Robinson | Trade News | October 7, 2013 | Comments ()

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Did you know there was an American Psycho musical in the works? Me neither. It opens this December in London. And joining a cast of names that ring none of my bells (Ben Aldridge, Charlie Anson, Jonathan Bailey, Katie Brayben, Cassandra Compton, Holly Dale Spencer, Susannah Fielding, Simon Gregor, Holly James, Lucie Jones, Tom Kay, Gillian Kirkpatrick, Eugene McCoy and Hugh Skinner) is Doctor Who’s Matt Smith in the role that made Christian Bale so famous. Or, well, more famous.


That’s right, folks, put on your fanciest see-through plastic, this is going to be absolutely batsh*t. Like what, what, what are the musical numbers going to look like? Will there be parade of dancing business cards in varying degrees of tasteful thickness?

“American Psycho” author Bret Easton Ellis has seen some early rehearsals and describes the show: “I don’t want to say [it’s a] chamber pop musical, but definitely something more typical of a Broadway show.” But what about Smith? I think he’s got the acting chops, but is he up for it musically? Well, you be the judge. That is if you can hear him over Karen Gillan’s caterwauling.

(via Gothamist)

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