"Never Get Involved in a Land War in Asia"

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | June 16, 2010 |


This trade news is of critical historical importance, because one day scholars will look back on it as one of the first pieces of primary documentation dealing directly with the beginning of the Sino-American War of 2011. Each year, the People's Republic of China lets in a grand total of fifteen American feature films. This year, Killers has been announced as one of the fifteen. It will close out the Shanghai Film Festival, though it's not clear if that's because it's being given the slot of honor or if the presumption is that it will be last no matter when it plays, given the subsequent riots. This is the country that cooled relations with the Soviet Union because the Soviets just weren't hardcore enough for them, you think that they're going to lay down for Kelso and Rainbow Killer?

A couple of years ago, Twilight made the cut and managed not to ignite a war, though with bad enough dubbing and/or translated subtitles, there would actually be no way to tell it was even about vampires, so maybe that's how we dodged that bullet.

In any case, this is a film festival that gave Antitrust the best film award in 2001. Ryan Phillippe's mom didn't even think Antitrust was the best movie of 2001. So yeah, Killers needs this honor added to its ads immediately to counter all of the bad reviews. I mean if a communist dictatorship doesn't know art, who does?

(source: THR)

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