New Study Show That At Least You Lazy-Ass Computer Potatoes Are Getting More Honest

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New Study Shows That At Least You Lazy-Ass Computer Potatoes Are Getting More Honest

By Joanna Robinson | Trade News | November 12, 2013 | Comments ()


Did you know that there’s a firm in Canada monitoring your internet activity? There sure is! But it’s Canada, so don’t worry. It’s less Big Brother and more Big Kindly Drunk Uncle. He’ll make you pancakes, eh!


According to Big Drunk Uncle aka Sandvine, 53% of all downstream traffic in North America comes from video streaming. That is to say, y’all are using the internet as more of a television than, say, an endless resource of knowledge. So it’s less Information Super Highway and more Let’s Marathon An Entire Season Of Television Without Ever Leaving Our Beds. Unsurprisingly, Netflix accounts for most of the traffic with YouTube in the No. 2 spot.

So that covers the lazy. What about the honest? Well, Bittorrent represented 31% of traffic in 2008 and only 10% now. What accounts for that shift? Is it that the internet streaming demographics have shifted so more honest, upstanding Netflix and Amazon Prime users are watching their shows online? Or is it that the interfaces on those sites have become infinitely more user friendly in the past few years and thus more desirable for computer spuds like yourself?

Here’s the breakout of mobile and desktop usage in chart form. What about you? Does this look like an accurate breakdown of how you spend your time online? If so, WHERE IS PAJIBA ON THIS LIST? Damnit.





(via THR)

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  • BWeaves

    OK, back in the 1960's we were promised that computers would do all the hard jobs for us, like cleaning our house, or doing our job, so we could spend more time playing. What has actually happened 50 years later? We're still working our asses off so our kids can live in the basement and play on the computer or worse yet, sit in front of it, doing absolutely nothing.

  • Miss Jane

    Interesting that so much of the traffic (+/- 70%) is consolidated into just 10 sites. One interpretation of this data might be that efforts from the industry to get firewalls up appears to be working.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    I've no idea how to read these numbers. Do they mean that people are sharing more stuff to torrents than they download from them?

    Also, people are still using torrents?

  • DeaconG

    Probably quite a bit; when Usenet imploded due to ISP's dropping them because of the politicals (oh noes! Da PORN! Save the chillun!), that traffic had to go somewhere.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Hmmmm, something seems to be missing. Something wang-dangly and mammary-jiggly...

  • bastich

    You just named my favorite Pokemons!

  • John G.

    What is the percentage a measure of? Video Streaming is a lot more data heavy than viewing a website like Pajiba. If I go to Pajiba 30 times an hour, and watch one movie on Netflix, which gets a higher rating?

  • AtomLion

    I thought they were going by the amount of data. Watching a movie on Netflix is roughly 1 GB per hour. The average page on Pajiba is closer to 4 MB. So I think if you visited 512 pages on Pajiba it would be equal to watching one two-hour movie.
    This is just from me poking around the internet a little after thinking the same thing as you. I could be missing something.

  • MauraFoley

    "Web Traffic" as a measure is specifically the volume of data. Hence, sandvine broke it into upstream/downstream. Netflix would get a higher rating in the example you gave. I'd love to give you a link to a good site looking at how users spend their time, but most of it is shitty infographics I hate.

  • Katherine Byers

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