New 'Man of Steel' Trailer: Man, That Superman Is One Introspective Motherf***er
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New Man of Steel Trailer: Man, That Superman Is One Introspective Motherf***er

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | December 11, 2012 | Comments ()


You know what I hope? I hope that Zack Snyder's Man of Steel is HALF as good as the trailer suggests it might be, because if so, it actually could be the next Dark Knight franchise. This trailer, which has some similarities to the first trailer, is ponderous and Malick-y in all the best kind of ways. Also, I think I like Superman best with a beard.

Anyway: The trailer blew me away. Check it out.

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • How the hell is he going to shave off the beard? With Kryptonite?

  • Kip Hackman

    Okay, so I usually hate all things Superman, but if this trailer is starting to win me over. What really did it was when Clark asked Papa Kent if he should've let people die, and Costner was all like "Maybe". Mind. Blown. Understand what I'm saying here. Pa and Ma Kent are the ones that taught Clark how to be the world's goodiest two shoes. They're basically midwest saints. They're the distillation of the entirety of mid twentieth century morality. It's a ballsy move to change that so drastically and they did it with one word.

  • David Sorenson

    That's the same thing I like about the trailer. The reason that Superman is such a boring character is that he's always good, everyone always likes him, and it's damn rare that he ever struggles with anything, This two minute trailer shows a young Clark struggling to handle his super senses and dealing with moral ambiguity. In two minutes, they've done more with the character than every other depiction of him. If the reviews actually back this up, I'll go see it.

    If not, I'll probably still go see it. Kneel before Michael Shannon.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Shannon as Zod, Shannon as Zod, Shannon as Zod, Shannon as Zod, Shannon as Zod, Shannon as Zod, Shannon as Zod, Shannon as Zod, Shannon as Zod, Shannon as Zod, Shannon as Zod, Shannon as Zod, Shannon as Zod

  • My favorite Superman is Shirtless Henry Cavill.

    Good lord.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Yes, we are (finally) as one on something.

  • Rooks

    This trailer, like almost every other trailer, is a lie. I know I repeat myself like an eejit (see the After Earth post), and yes, it's a fecking beautiful lie (the beard. Oooh, the beard), but it's a lie nonetheless. Something that has a Malick-y feeling to it without having been made my Malick is always, always rotten. This looks and sounds so nice, how could it possibly end well? My ex-girlfriend looked nice, too, after all - think Katy Perry without the plasticky bits - and that didn't end well, either.

    No, honestly, what's that music? Sounds like Gladiator. When's this out? June '13? Eh, I'll probably be there, watching it through the cracks between my fingers, waiting for it to go horribly wrong.

  • Green Lantern

    Okay...I'm still "iffy" on the whole project. Thought I was on the fence for the recent "Star Trek" reboot until it was released and I ended up really kindof loving it, with some reservations.

    I guess what I'm saying is I really, really, REALLY want this movie to be great. Not "good", but GREAT. I'm not entirely sure what I saw smacked of "great", but it *did* look good.

  • Samantha Klein

    Speaking of beards and muscles, hellooooo, split second shot of Russell Crowe. No, seriously. He looked hot.

  • DarthCorleone

    Yeah, even if I've gotten tired of Superman in general, that's a cool trailer and all with its ponderous pacing and moral ambiguity. However, if there's one thing I've learned in my decades of movie-watching, it's that quality of trailers have exactly zero correlation with the quality of the films.

    That said, there are actually five words that I hope carry this to being a good movie: Michael Shannon as General Zod.

  • Amen.

  • Somebody downvoted my amen? You people have issues.

  • Word.

  • Pookie

    Young superman and his mother sound Australian.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    It will invariably suck. You can't combine Snyder - someone without any kind of creative bone in his body - and Superman - the most boring superhero of them all -, and expect something interesting to come out of it.

  • Idle Primate

    I can't get this trailer to play. Here or on any other site. I just don't understand marketing

  • sean

    At 1:53, is Superman kneeling before Zod?

  • AudioSuede

    "Huh, this trailer's pretty good! I kinda wish they hadn't gone back to the origin story though. And what is up with this music? It's so anachronistic, and a little rac- IS THAT TOBY?!?!"

  • Stephen Nein


  • sean


  • TenaciousJP

    Zack Snyder is a master at creating trailers -- I must have watched the first Watchmen trailer about 50 times. Now, whether that will translate into a good movie is a separate debate.

  • Ashley Holland King

    Amy Adams as Lois Lane??

  • pcloadletter

    Would you prefer 12-year-old Kate Bosworth?

  • mograph

    I'm guessing Lana Lang.

  • Blake

    No, she is Lois Lane and I'm perfectly fine with that.

    LOOK AT HER!!! She is also a terrifically talented actress.

  • With darker hair, she'll be a fantastic Lois. I mean, she'll be fantastic regardless, but the hair will sell it on sight.

  • Blake

    Like this?

    Side note: Redheads have always been my kryptonite so I'm glad to see me and Supes have something in common.

  • Wow. Yes. Exactly that. (And you, me, and Supes are on the same page.)

  • Now that it looks less like "Deadliest Catch: Metropolis", I have to say...sold.

  • Mrs. Julien

    If "literature is conscious mythology", and the secular heroes and villains of graphic novels have supplanted our workaday gods, is Superman the Christ?

  • I always thought he was supposed to be Moses.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Ooooh, interesting!

  • It just makes sense. Baby sent to survive on a lifeboat, raised by parents who weren't his to be a leader of men, specifically to lead them to a better tomorrow here on Earth. I guess that makes Lex Luthor the Pharaoh? No wonder it made sense when he was elected President in the comics!

  • Sara_Tonin00

    this is not a new concept. See previous Superman movie.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I know I'm not being deep, I just wondered about how they see the Superman stuff.

  • Mrs. Julien

    So you'll discuss his facial hair removal, but no one will answer my question. I was serious, dudes.

    Where is superasente when we need him? BLOCKED!

  • Y'all need to take some deep breaths. ALL of Snyder's trailers have been amazing. Go rewatch the 300, Watchmen, and Sucker Punch trailers and compare them to the actual films. Give this guy two minutes, a bunch of cool images, some out-of-context lines of dialogue and really awesome music to set it all to, and he'll knock it out of the part. But he can't (hasn't yet) made a movie that can live up to its own hype.

  • I'd present Dawn of the Dead as Exhibit A and Watchmen as Exhibit B, but I know I'm in the minority on that second one.

  • Emmet O'Cuana

    Dawn of the Dead has a great opening....and that's it. Again Johnny Cash helped. Snyder's a wonderful promo director.

  • Leelee

    Stubbly Henry Cavill. Woof.
    And yes yes the trailer looks excellent, but I'm focused on Cavill giving Chris Hemsworth a run for his beardy money.

  • Mrs. Julien


    Where's Geep? Chant it with me!


  • gp


  • Mrs. Julien


  • Mrs. Julien

    I think that covers it.

    Wait ---

    NONE of this applies to Hemsworth. Ew.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Okay, NOW I'm done.


  • Mrs. Julien

    Ya'll have missed me, haven't you?

    [cops a squat to count downvotes]

  • TK

    Goddamn you, Snyder. This is exactly the problem with trailers. Because it looks fucking awesome.

    But if I end up with another Sucker Punch, then make peace with your gods, you fuck.

  • duckandcover

    The only thing decent about Watchmen was the opening credits. Come on. Give it that.

  • Maguita NYC

    The only decent thing about Watchmen was Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

    But then again, I'd watch that hot manly man eating his cereals while scratching his front. (okay, crotch. I just got shy all of a sudden, don'tknowwhy...)

  • duckandcover

    That man doesn't get nearly the amount of appreciation he deserves.

  • Jackie Earle Haley's Rorschach was pretty close to perfect, too.

  • duckandcover

    I'll give it that, too.

  • AudioSuede

    Let's not forget the Watchmen trailer being the coolest thing in the universe and then the movie being SO EFFING LAME. I mean, at least Malin Ackerman isn't in this. We don't have to sit through that awful Leonard Cohen sex scene ever again.

  • zeke_the_pig

    God, that scene was fucking shitrocious. It was so bad that it makes the possibility of an actual 'Leonard Cohen sex scene' sound appealing by comparison.

  • TK

    Thank you for being one of the few who agrees with me on how massively disappointing Watchmen was.

  • Yeah, no one ever criticizes Snyder's Watchmen. Never ever.

  • TK

    All I know is I trashed it on this very site in a post a while back and it was pitchforks and torches. People be crazy. That movie was a plodding, onerous turd.

  • I like it, but I left it off my auteur list for a good reason.

  • AudioSuede

    I don't know anyone who liked that movie. It sounds like you're hanging out with the wrong crowd. TK, if people are telling you that Watchmen was a good movie, they aren't your true friends, and don't have your best interests at heart.

  • Green Lantern

    *I* liked it. And "Watchmen" *was* a good movie.

    That said, I didn't really like "Sucker Punch".

  • James

    Here's hoping he's finally learned how to make a movie and not just a spectacle.

  • Utopian


  • TheOriginalMRod

    Thank you! I was thinking who is that it sounds like the Cocteau Twins... but I should have been thinking This Mortal Coil...

  • Chills. Literally. Didn't expect that. The "maybe" line sold it for me. Now that's some superheroic nuance right there.

  • Jerce

    Superman has super-hair. HOW DOES SUPERMAN SHAVE?!
    (...Or cut his hair?)
    HOW? HUNH??????

    P.S. I have not been interested in this movie until I saw this trailer. It is excellent and I now hope that the movie lives up to it.

  • He uses his heat vision and a reflective part of his spaceship.

  • Green Lantern

    Damn straight.

  • I seem to remember reading once that the only way he could shave was with his own fingernails. 'Cause everything else would just break on the hair.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Also Hancock.

  • bleujayone

    If they are true to the comic, Clark shaves by using a mirror to deflect his heat-vision and burn the stubble off his face.

    But if they had a full serving of stupid every morning at breakfast, he exposes himself to a chunk of Kryptonite to weaken himself long enough to use a regular blade.

  • mograph

    Maybe the strips on the blade are Kryptonite. It doesn't take much, y'know.

  • TheAggroCraig

    Reflective surface and heat vision.

  • Optimus Rhyme

    I seem to remember seeing him shoot his laser vision at a mirror and bouncing it into his beard hair to burn it off. But this may have been Dean Cain, so I can't speak to its canonicity.

  • Lotney

    Looks like they are taking this shit seriously. That made me cautiously optimistic.

  • Matt C.

    If Snyder is going for the really realistic Dark-Knight-type Superman movie, how is he going to get past the fact that he doesn't wear a mask and yet people don't know who he is?

  • Maguita NYC


    It all goes back to geekphobia. We become blind assholes whenever we see a gauche-fidgeting-stuttering-glass-wearing geek.

  • BlackRabbit

    Look at it this way: you know someone's Superman. Prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, then hope you didn't hurt anyone doing it.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Super-vibrations, of course!

  • Fredo

    Snyder's visuals + Nolan's concepts of superhero angst/drama = ought to be a great movie.

    BTW, I liked that Shannon's General Zod isn't in a shiny black outfit with an open v-cut down the middle.

  • Miss Laaw-yuhr

    Well that's damn disappointing. I like my villains to be flamboyantly gay and shiny.

  • Girlfriend of a Geek

    I was mostly excited about this trailer cos I filmed some shots as an extra and there was a .00000000000001 (I don't know numbers, low anyway) chance of me being in it. Still, it was good. I liked the Gladiator-esque music.

  • Maguita NYC

    Ah, I'm glad someone recognized the similarities in soundtracks. It is definitely the same voice, and most probably the same composer as Gladiator.

    Blake said it first, PLEASE, take my money! Twice. For by summer 2013, I will be ready for some tragic super-heroism. With Snyder at the helm, under the supervision of Chris Nolan no less, this looks very-very promising. Almost tear-jerking hopeful promising.

    I cannot wait.

  • chayes

    Yeah, this Superman looks cool, but the real question is can he fight an airplane?

  • Gavin Smith

    Supe's cape is getting a little long for optimal crime fighting.

  • Brown

    "No capes!"

  • duckandcover
  • mograph

    Who cares about the costume. This looks good.

    So far.

  • Luke Anthony Matthews

    'Maybe' at letting them all die...Jonathan Kent hates kids!

  • bleujayone

    Nah, just the ones that laughed at his "accent" in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

  • Blake


    Side note: I like how Superman takes off just like Neo (ground shattering and all)...

  • duckandcover

    Mr. DaC goes, "That's exactly how Neo took off in The Matrix."

    I go, "More like Neo taking off like Superman."

    We're not speaking right now.

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