New 'Mad Men' Set Photos Suggest Style Is About to Transform from Classy to Ghastly

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New 'Mad Men' Set Photos Suggest Style Is About to Transform from Classy to Ghastly

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | March 6, 2013 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 11.52.49 AM.png

Mad Men returns with a two-hour season one month from tomorrow, and AMC is doing a bang-up job with promotion, which is to say: They're not giving us anything, which honestly is the best way to ensure that I'm glued to my seat come April 7th. Will Don and Megan's marriage fall apart? Will Pete get his ultimate comeuppance? Will Peggy return to Sterling Cooper? Will Roger help Joan raise their love child? Will Fat Betty be less fat?

So many questions. In the meantime, there are a few set photos leaking, and while they don't give anything about the plot away, they do suggest that the fashion is changing, and not really for the best, either. I think we can assume from a couple of these photos that Don Draper is still drinking.









(Source: Zimbio via Vulture)

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  • e jerry powell

    I'm here for the servings of Hamm. Cut me a thick piece.

  • Amanda

    Roger is devolving into Thurston Howell III. Christ.

  • First off, gotta love Roger rocking the Yacht Club look in the first photo.
    Second, this post confirms that Don Draper is, in fact, a Time Lord. I want a draft of the Pilot to "Draper Who" on my desk by Monday.

  • One question has definitely been answered: Don Draper is still adamantly anti-underwear.

    Hell-ooooo, Little Hamm!

  • Or, as someone on the T&Lo post said: The Hammaconda.

  • Oops! I should have read farther. H/T

  • BWeaves


  • Someone on Tom and Lorenzo called it the "hammaconda". Does he NEVER wear undergarments?

  • theotherone

    Obliviously theylook are going for the Austin Powers Meets Mark David Chapman for Harry Crane.

  • melissa82

    I just....want to make babies with John Slattery. Haven't gotten into Mad Men though. (I know, I know.)

  • Kballs


  • Blake

    I think it should have been: "a two-hour season premier April 7th." The season will be the usual 13 episodes.

  • Kballs

    Yep, just making fun of Dustin. Nothing to see here . . .

  • AshBookworm

    Don and Roger look ok to me. But, Harry? Ew. Makes sense though. They're older and set in their ways, whereas Harry is not only younger, but much more likely to go along with a trend because everyone else is doing it.

  • Steph

    It fits the trend of Harry being more of a twat with each successive season.

  • Not only that but Harry, being the "media" guy would be the one most likely to be hanging with the trendsetter/tastemaker types in NY and LA.

  • Blake

    So Weiner is time jumping to the present (Don Draper with iPhone)?

    I knew he was an immortal.

  • i was going to say something similar

  • PDamian

    As someone who lived through them, I'd just like to say: clothing-wise, the 70s were a fugly decade. I know others will disagree, so let me say this: If you too could remember your mom weeping because the impulse-purchased, clearance-priced dark brown velvet pantsuit with exaggerated satin lapels and bell bottoms looked much better on the hangar than on her, you'd agree with me 100%. (My older sister wore it to a costume party in 1992; the pics of her in the suit still make my mother cry, but with laughter -- "What the hell was I thinking?")

  • PaddyDog

    My parents, in their only ever dalliance with interior decor, put up wallpaper with a brown background covered in orange circles. They didn't change our furniture to go with it so the room always looked very odd. My mother did rock a floppy hat though.

  • Whenever I see particularly ugly patterns, I always describe them as 1970s British (or in this case, Irish) wallpaper.

  • My friend will occasionally wear his father's forest green polyester leisure suit to parties. It's jaw-dropping.

  • Bert_McGurt

    I still have my dad's orange, three-piece corduroy suit. I'd get rid of it, but every time I try to I get mesmerized by the effect of the wale on those Sunkist-hued airplane-wing lapels and I am compelled to return it to the dank hole in the basement whereupon it will reside, probably forever.

  • the dude

    Roger seeing an iphone is like WTF?

  • Gigi Agius

    It's such a mind-fuck seeing Don Draper with an iPhone.

  • Blake

    I totally Facebook Friend, Follow on Twitter, and use Instagram for Don Draper (and Peggy and Joan).

  • BendinIntheWind

    This top pic is my favorite set picture of all time:

  • katy

    Love this whole link!

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