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Well, it's officially that time. Time for more Iron Man 2 goodies to begin to trickle out. Now that it's been officially announced that the first trailer will be attached to Sherlock Holmes, the Iron Man 2 marketing push has begun in earnest. Frankly, I'm thrilled about it. Yes, we're still six months plus away from the film's release, but I'll gobble up any tidbits I can get. That's the beauty of a succesful, well-done first entry (especially when all of the players -- save for Cheadle, who is actually an upgrade -- are returning) -- you will almost automatically buy into the hype for the sequel.

As a result, Marvel Entertainment is beginning its full court-press. They already dropped the first poster, which gave us the first look at War Machine, a few days ago. Now, it's time for poster number 2, this time featuring Mickey Rourke looking particularly nasty as the nemesis Whiplash, aka Ivan Vanko.

(click for super hi-res)

Oh, Mickey. You look so greasy and nasty and utterly badass.

Interesting other fun fact I just learned -- Olivia Munn, best known as a host of the G4 Network, is apparently also in the film, playing Melina Vostokoff, aka Iron Maiden. Known in the Marvel Universe as a Russian agent who lives in the shadow of the Black Widow (Scarlett Johanssen), she eventually becomes another super-suited gun-for-hire. Interesting.

Anyway, here it comes, folks. The next wave of Iron Man related goodness. Giddyup.

(h/t to Geek Tyrant)

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