Trying To Tame The American Horse

By TK | Trade News | January 17, 2011 | Comments ()

By TK | Trade News | January 17, 2011 |


But... the images that have come out since then, showing Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in the Cap getup... I dunno, man. They look... even in the context of comic book movies... pretty fuckin' goofy. The uniform just isn't quite gelling.

Here are the two latest images:


I do like the figures in the background in that one. Here's the second, featuring Cap... running! With missiles!


Then there's this slightly older one, of Cap on a motorcycle:


Now, I know -- nothing is really worth judging until you see it in action, moving on screen. But unlike Thor and Iron Man, with this... I'm just not feeling it, you know?

Could be worse, I suppose:


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