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Neil Patrick Harris Cast in That F**king Smurfs Movie

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | March 3, 2010 | Comments ()


... I said, that is all!

OK. There's this, too. He'll be the lead live-action figure in the Smurfs movie. His face will actually be in the film. We don't know who he might be (Gargamel?). But he won't be voicing no motherfucking Smurf. He'll be playing a real person in a motherfucking Smurf movie. And unless his only line involves craving furburgers and picking up some trim at a strip club then I'm out. I am fucking out. Damn you, Neil Patrick Harris. All that goodwill. Dr. Horrible. "How I Met Your Mother." Screw you, man. This is a total Doogie move.

Now, that is all.

(Source: Deadline)

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