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Neil Gaiman Reads New Story For Charity

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | October 29, 2012 | Comments ()


Normally when I write trade news, it's because I find something on a trade news site and then riff on it in my own space here. Occasionally I'll pull together several articles on the same topic from different sources. This sort of research is in some circles considered the first step down the road towards committing actual journalism. In this case, I actually found something interesting on my own, reading things that have nothing to do with proper trade news channels. This was at first exciting but that rapidly soured as I realized that I was proud of not simply finding something seven other people had written about and adding a lemon twist to make it my own. This souring then dissipated because I realized having my head up my own ass was nowhere near as exciting as a new Neil Gaiman story.

So, Gaiman is releasing for charity through Audible an unpublished story of his (which soon will be published in a short story collection) that he will be reading himself. I love listening to writers reading their own works. Sure, they usually have strange voices that are incapable of the vocal gymnastics that professional audio book readers manage, but there's a fire to the reading. There are a little cues of rising pitch, mounting eagerness, as the writer savors the language the meant the most to him. You hear the story the way the writer tells it to himself as he writes it.

Audible is generously getting nothing out of the deal except for name recognition, and is actually donating a dollar per download to a couple of book-oriented charities selected by Gaiman. That's the easiest way to make the world a better place since we all cured cancer by reposting messages on Facebook, so do your best to bankrupt Audible for a good cause.

You can read more details on Gaiman's blog here.

And here is Gaiman explaining the charity event itself:

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • I thought that was Richard Lewis for a second.

  • cricketmum

    but will it be available in here in Aus ? Audible is frustratingly good at preserving boundaries.

  • idiosynchronic

    Ack, Audible. This is all great and brilliant, but . . Audible. Ugh.

    There's a complaint that Amazon is the 800 pound gorilla of publishing. It that's true, then Audible is the monopolizing giant of audiobooks. (and Amazon owns it, Hooray! Gah!)

  • KZoeT

    My panties always seem to fall off when Gaiman speaks.

  • BWeaves

    My favorite audio is of J.R.R. Tolkien reading the Gollum bit from The Hobbit. My mentor had an LP of it, and I was lucky enough to find it on CD a few years ago.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    Love him!!! He reads the audible versions of his own "The Graveyard Book" and "Stardust" and they are fantastic!

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