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By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | February 3, 2011 | Comments ()

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | February 3, 2011 |


There are really two bits of CBS news today. First, Charlie Sheen has decided that by god if he's going down and taking $250 million of CBS money with him, he's going to issue spectacular statements like this from rehab: "Like Errol Flynn, who had to put down his sword on occasion, I just want to say, 'Thank you.'" No Charlie, thank you. Thank you for being you.

But in order to get their minds off of that meltdown, CBS decided to go ahead and renew "NCIS" for two more seasons. Last night's episode (the 175th if you're keeping track) was the highest rated episode of the entire series, drawing just shy of 23 million viewers. They've got all of the actors signed on for the next two seasons, including Mark Harmon.


You know what I love most about this job? The hate mail.

(source: THR)

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