Very Simple: There's a Ghost in the House? Get the F**k Out

By TK | Industry | January 25, 2010 | Comments ()

By TK | Industry | January 25, 2010 |


Naomi Watts. I feel like I should love her -- she was of course smoking hot and impressive as hell in Mulholland Drive. I enjoyed The Ring. But for some reason, she's never really ascended beyond the B- list. Not sure why. She's sort of a poor man's pre-Botoxed-to-hell-and-back Nicole Kidman, I guess.

Anyway, she's signed on to Dream House, which will be directed by Jim Sheridan for Morgan Creek Universal. It's a staggeringly original premise:

The story follows a family that relocates into what appears to be the ideal residence in small town Connecticut. They soon discover that their beautiful new home was the site of another family's slaughter, believed to be at the hands of the husband who survived.



Look, I'm not saying it's ripping off another movie... or another dozen or so movies... but it sounds a heck of a lot like another movie that rhymes with Shmamityville Shmorror. That's all I'm sayin'.

Daniel Craig is set to star. There will likely be spooky kids involved. Jim Sheridan? Listen, I'm super thankful for In The Name of the Father and The Boxer and My Left Foot. But looking at your resume, which also consists of Get Rich Or Die Tryin', I can't help but think maybe you should just stay home and have a sandwich unless Daniel Day Lewis is involved, you feel me?

Also, the title blows.

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