A Prequel? A Reboot? An Origins Story?

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | February 8, 2010 | Comments ()


Here we go again with another reboot slash origins story slash prequel. Actually, this one has elements of all three, so kudos on the trifecta, Regency Enterprises, you win eternal damnation.

So it seems that Regency is developing a reboot/sequel to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which is only five years old, but hey! What the hell. The prequel slash reboot will actually be about a completely different couple (so as to avoid having to cast the expensive Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) and will explore the origins of their fake marriage. Or something like that.

It will be called Mr. and Mrs. Jones (because of course it will) and will center on "a pair of twentysomething spies [that] are set up as a fake married couple when they graduate agency training." Vulture (via The Playlist) reports that Akiva Goldsman is attached to produce.

There is no cast or director attached to the project yet. I wouldn't expect Doug Liman to return, though. It's too bad its set for a younger couple, because a story focusing on Vince Vaughn (and his character from Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which was the best part of the movie) and a fake wife in Jennifer Aniston might be just the sort of tabloid-y bullshit that might work for this movie.

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