'Movie 43' Released A Ton Of Pictures And I Still Don't Know What The Hell It Is About

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Movie 43 Released A Ton Of Pictures And I Still Don't Know What The Hell It Is About

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | January 17, 2013 | Comments ()


Peter Farrelly's Movie 43 claims that it has the largest cast ever assembled. It also warns that it is not to be watched by those with weak constitutions or the easily offended. That's it. That's all of the information we get for this anthology comedy that opens January 25. There are, no lie, 55 pictures total over on Collider. I have chosen a few of them to share with you here and to assist in piecing together the stories.

This is Gerard Butler as a clearly deranged leprechaun.
Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott are attempting to make Leprechaun Butler give up his lucky charms, pot o' gold, or take part in Jackass 4.
Meanwhile, in a high school setting, Coach Terrence Howard gets inspirational with his basketball team.
Naomi Watts waggles her finger in a student's face and then retires to a home she shares with Liev Schrieber...
who then proceeds to Forbidden Dance at Homecoming.
Elsewhere, three non-copyright infringing heroes of possibly super origins yell out in horror as they realize they've wandered right into a clusterf*ck of a movie.
Or maybe Bat-Sudeikis, Wonder Bibb, and Justin the Male Prodigy are yelling that no one should sit in the seat recently vacated by the clearly bottomless Super-Bell.
Superbobby sits, alone and chubby, wishing he was that chair.
It really sets the mood for this kid to take out his retainer and put the moves on Chloe Moretz. Every girl's crazy 'bout a drool-mouthed man.
Finally, Emma Stone is forced to stare into the grim visage of Kieran Culkin and realize that this isn't the least attractive Culkin.
Movie 43 will be worse than if all of the Movie Movies were edited together into one, life-sucking, unfunny, ass-blasting sh*t of a torture device. I sense the novelty of hearing actors and actresses delivering poorly thought-out lines that seek to subvert their public images will serve as the main crutch Farrelly will employ in an attempt to drag the ghost of a laugh from his audience. Or it could be hilarious! Probably not, though.

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  • Superabound1

    "the largest cast ever assembled"

    And we all remember how good New Years Eve was, right? ......right??

    There has never been a good movie that contained a leprechaun. Or Halle Berry.

  • duckandcover

    I'm with you there, Jodi. I was all on board for this movie when I first saw the trailer, but I think it was mostly me being taken aback that it was real and not a part of Tosh.0 or Workaholics. This movies reeks of "We're doing funny things. Right? RIGHT? Look at us! Look at KATE WINSLET, HALLE BERRY -- OH MY GOD, THEY ARE DOING MESSED UP, GROSS THINGS." Slowly and not so subtly, the volume of the movie's message grows louder and louder until all you're left with is a shrill ringing in your ears.

  • MG

    I saw the trailer for this and assumed that it was some kind of Internet hoax. This is a real movie? And further, what blackmail does Farrelly have on half the cast here?

  • Lindsey Gregory

    I blame every last mouth-breathing mook who went to see Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve (Day? I don't fuggin know) for the ideation, production and release of this most terrible of any ensemble comedy that ever existed or will exist.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I'm going to see this and I'm going to laugh.

    And I'll be sober.

  • rn3

    i am so weirdly excited about this. It's going to be the rottenly awesome version of Jarmusch's Coffe & Cigarettes

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Judging by the poster, the movie's about Photoshop.

    It also makes me think of the HISHE's take on Ocean's 33.

    The world could really use another "Amazon Women on the Moon" or "Kentucky Fried Movie" at this point in time, but this probably ain't it. Gerard Butler as deranged leprechaun has potential, though.

  • phase10

    Peter Farrelly’s Movie 43 claims that it has the largest cast ever assembled...


  • Emmet O'Cuana

    Another 48 Hours features the most glass broken in any scene!

    I love that that was the only claim that film could make.

  • L.O.V.E.

    I think I saw this on Nickelodeon as a kid. They all get slimed at the end, right?

  • TheAggroCraig

    I don't know.

    UH OH!!!

  • toblerone

    If you a referring to "You Can't Do That On Television" you are wrong.


  • Kahntahmp

    To be fair, we must treat this similarly to any movie that has the word "MOVIE" in it. I plan on watching it while drinking NyQuil, Jack Daniels, and Wild Cherry Pepsi™ mixers and eating Ex-Lax Brownies so I can instantly purge myself of the copious amount of visual b███s███ I'm actually taking in as I watch this only after it comes out on Cable, for I refuse to pay $15 for this ride.

    And in conclusion, I have only one feeling about this movie:

  • Kind of grouchy about this concept, aren't you?

    Looks like a new-millenium Kentucky Fried Movie to me. Except, you know, with people you recognize.

  • c

    Yeah., could you possibly be more of a snot.

    The trailers I've seen have made me laugh, especially when Berry blows out the candles on the blind kids cake and Howards yelling at the basketball team.

    I'd never pay full price for it, but a matinee? Sure

    And yeah, some of the bits look really stupid and unfunny, like the leprechan one, but that's the case with every sketch type movie

  • Superabound1

    Your assessment of sketch type movies is very accurate. They are all mostly "really stupid and unfunny".

    People liked Kentucky Fried Movie because it was full of tits in an era without the internet. Nobody famous is getting nude in Movie 43. Well they might, but it will probably be one of the men.

  • toblerone

    From IMDB: A series of interconnected short films follows three kids as they search the depths of the Internet to find the most banned movie in the world.

    A Serbian film?

  • duckandcover

    How has Pajiba not had an article entitled "Movie Plots That Could've Been Solved by Google"? This comment just reminded me of that, because if that's the plot of the movie, the kids could've just Googled "most banned movie in the world" and "express delivery."

  • Shut Up Already

    There you go, Pajiba: the plot. That wasn't so hard, now, was it?

  • Mrs. Julien

    Pajabia doesn't rhyme with Pajiba (classic pronunciation), but it certainly in the ballpark, if you know what I mean.

  • Shut Up Already


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