'Movie 43' Released A Ton Of Pictures And I Still Don't Know What The Hell It Is About

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Movie 43 Released A Ton Of Pictures And I Still Don't Know What The Hell It Is About

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | January 17, 2013 | Comments ()


Peter Farrelly's Movie 43 claims that it has the largest cast ever assembled. It also warns that it is not to be watched by those with weak constitutions or the easily offended. That's it. That's all of the information we get for this anthology comedy that opens January 25. There are, no lie, 55 pictures total over on Collider. I have chosen a few of them to share with you here and to assist in piecing together the stories.

This is Gerard Butler as a clearly deranged leprechaun.
Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott are attempting to make Leprechaun Butler give up his lucky charms, pot o' gold, or take part in Jackass 4.
Meanwhile, in a high school setting, Coach Terrence Howard gets inspirational with his basketball team.
Naomi Watts waggles her finger in a student's face and then retires to a home she shares with Liev Schrieber...
who then proceeds to Forbidden Dance at Homecoming.
Elsewhere, three non-copyright infringing heroes of possibly super origins yell out in horror as they realize they've wandered right into a clusterf*ck of a movie.
Or maybe Bat-Sudeikis, Wonder Bibb, and Justin the Male Prodigy are yelling that no one should sit in the seat recently vacated by the clearly bottomless Super-Bell.
Superbobby sits, alone and chubby, wishing he was that chair.
It really sets the mood for this kid to take out his retainer and put the moves on Chloe Moretz. Every girl's crazy 'bout a drool-mouthed man.
Finally, Emma Stone is forced to stare into the grim visage of Kieran Culkin and realize that this isn't the least attractive Culkin.
Movie 43 will be worse than if all of the Movie Movies were edited together into one, life-sucking, unfunny, ass-blasting sh*t of a torture device. I sense the novelty of hearing actors and actresses delivering poorly thought-out lines that seek to subvert their public images will serve as the main crutch Farrelly will employ in an attempt to drag the ghost of a laugh from his audience. Or it could be hilarious! Probably not, though.

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