More Evidence that Donald Glover May Be Returning to 'Community'

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More Evidence that Donald Glover May Be Returning to 'Community'

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | March 15, 2014 | Comments ()


Last week, there was some suggestion that Donald Glover would be returning to Community at some point, when those who signed up for “hackathon” at SXSW received this email, purportedly from Glover (via Uproxx):


Now this week, in an interview with Complex magazine (below), Glover — as Childish Gambino — says, “I feel like if you’re not moving forward as an artist, you’re kind of wasting your time…which is why I left, like, Community, just for a little.”

“Just for a little”?

Was that the plan all along? To bring Glover back if there was a sixth season? It certainly would explain why his departure was open-ended (and with something of a year-long time limit). I hope so. Community has never been better than it has this season, and yet, it is still not quite the same without Troy.

In the meantime, per Tamatha, here’s Dean Pelton’s incredible rap from this last week’s Community.

Note Gillian Jacobs, as Jim Rash flees from the room, barely containing herself.


(via Reddit)

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  • Sarah ellen

    Donald please come back. I miss Troy and Abed. :(

  • Al Batross

    WOOOOO PAJIBA USED MY GIF. I'm overjoyed. Thank you based Pajiba

  • Nicholas

    Joel McHale's raised cheek gave away the big smile he was sporting throughout the Dean's rap.

  • manting

    What I find odd is that its always rappers who want to be actors, not the other way around. When it is the other way around (see Joaquin Phoenix) even as a joke it doesn't work out very well. To be honest Childish Gambino (a terrible rapper name) is not very good.

  • Ben

    The name is from a 'make your own wu tang name generator' he found online.

  • manting

    I did not know that and I remember the Wu-Tang name generator making the rounds on facebook.

  • lowercase_ryan

    you know what is truly amazing about that clip? The dude holding the keyboard shows NO EMOTION WHATSOEVER!! He's straight from Easter Island or something. How is it even possible for him to look bored during that?

  • lowercase_ryan

    Last week's episode was amazing. One of the best of the series, in my opinion.

  • tamatha_uhmelmahaye

    Woot! A shout out on the Mothersite!

    I love that rap so, so much. It's glorious on so many levels (the ridiculous Payday costume, how it starts out so dorky, then the move into quality rapping skills, his freaking out, and the hilarious running away). I watched it over and over. First via our DVR and then on the interwebs.

    And if Donald Glover is coming back to Community, I will be overjoyed.

  • vic

    I know! I've lost count how many times I've watched it. It's funny EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  • tamatha_uhmelmahaye

    Barack Obama be SCAAAARED of me!

  • HerringGull

    On that note (Gillian), Britta trying to replicate Annie's "EVERYTHING!!!" was great.

  • Zoo

    yes it was so good. That's originally a reference to The Professional

  • cruzzercruz

    The email was supposedly a hoax, but I'm sure he'll return at some point.

    This season has been on fire, the repilot aside. It's hit all the right beats and is on track to be my favorite. David Fincher, Logan's Run, Floor is Lava, and Dungeons and Dragons Redux? Yeah, the brilliance is back.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    So, he'll be back for the movie too then?

  • vic

    I was gonna ask why we don't have anymore Community posts, but then I
    remembered it was JoRob's thing, and now I'm sad. Dustin? Please? :puppy
    dog eyes:

  • Lauren_Lauren

    That peanut bar running away kills me every time.

    Gonna have to disagree with you though about the quality of this season. It's been very uneven, I think, definitely not on par with seasons 1 & 2.

  • kirbyjay

    Was wondering why he was dressed as a peanut bar and then it dawned on me "PAYDAY". Yeah, sometimes I'm a little slow. I also think it's impossible to run in a full body costume with any dignity so yup, it was killer.
    Gotta disagree about this season though. I was pretty much done with the show after last year but gave it another go and I'm back to lovin it. Harmon really has a sense of the absurd that I like and he brings the silly.

  • pthalio

    As a Canadian, i've never seen a Payday that joke was lost on me til just now :)

  • Some Guy

    I'd be more surprised if he didn't come back at this point. Nothing about his departure has ever seemed that genuinely final. His sailing trip around the world to get Pierce's inheritance is only supposed to last a year, and every episode this season has had some sort of obvious callback to his character being missed.

    I'm not that big on whatever circles Glover rolls in for his musical career, but what artist couldn't benefit from exposure to far more people through the medium of television than some hopeful music career that might or might not pan out?

  • lowercase_ryan

    When the A/C unit was backed up this week I thought for a split second that Jeff would open it to find Troy, ala Annie's Boobs.

  • Some Guy

    I thought the same thing. It was all like "Let it be Troy. Let it be Troy...nope, textbooks."

  • Steve Ward

    I always kind of expected to see him again in the season finale, but didn't want to say it out loud so there would be a chance I'd be disappointed if he's not.

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