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If I were compiling a list of my favorite albums of the past decade, I don't think I'm overstating things when I say that A Grand Don't Come For Free by The Streets, nee Mike Skinner, would easily be on that list. It's a sublimely simple concept album, about the trials of an average guy navigating his way through drinking, drugs, love, friendship... and trying to find his thousand quid. His weird, conversational style of rapping, combined with stellar production and beats, make for some engaging listening, and Grand is fucking brilliant.

In any event, The Streets apparently is dropping his final album (he's got four others as well, but Grand is easily my favorite, though Original Pirate Material wins points as well), titled Computers And Blues, in February, and then will be turning his talents towards film making. His project doesn't have a title yet, but he'll be collaborating with longtime associate Ted Mayhem on it.

Said Skinner (via The Guardian):

"It doesn't involve any kebab shops. Or drug binges," Skinner says. "The idea is to feel about something like I did at the beginning of The Streets, when I didn't know what was possible. We're not going to obsess ourselves with screenings and openings. We've just got to make something that's beautiful - that's tense and interesting all the way through to the end. That's the core of art, sod everything else."

The film, which he's described as "a punchy thriller" that's set in a hospital, is written by him and Mayhem, and they plan on producing and releasing it themselves, likely through their website.

There ain't a lot to go on there, but I like the guy and his work enough to take notice when he talks about a project like this. He's shown a deft hand at video directing, though, which is a promising start.

Here's his video for the utterly depressing but excellent "Dry Your Eyes," made even more affecting by the use of an adorable dog:

And for fun, "Let's Push Things Forward."

Fine, one more:

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