Meet Your New 'Dancing with the Stars' Co-Host, Who's Great Even If You Don't Like DWTS

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Meet Your New 'Dancing with the Stars' Co-Host

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | February 24, 2014 | Comments ()

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I have seen Dancing with the Stars exactly once, for a review I wrote of the second season finale several years ago. Not my thing. But the show’s new co-host most definitely is, as the ABC reality competition has sacked Brooke Burke-Charvet in a move she apparently didn’t see coming, and replaced her with Erin Andrews.

That’s good casting.

Nevermind that judge shake-ups have rarely improve the ratings, and Dancing with the Stars has been sinking year over year for a while now. Erin Andrews, the only sideline reporter in the NFL worth a damn, is almost reason enough to watch, like Ben Folds is almost reason enough to watch The Sing-Off.

Forgive the stereotyping, but she reminds me of that woman in every high school who is both Prom Queen and an honor graduate, who joins a sorority and actually engages in the charitable work, and who is driven, smart, attractive, and a nice person. I have a weakness for the Erin Andrews of the world, who always end up with the Ken dolls, but who is still still nice to the slugs.

She’s good folk.


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  • Al

    DWTS is a Disney/ABC property and Erin works for Fox. Does this mean she left Fox? I thought her parting with ESPN was pretty ugly too. Hmmm

  • jlc1967

    Brooke was unbearable. Anyone else had to be an improvement, and Erin Andrews seems like a fine choice. Not being a sports watcher, I didn't know anything about her before she was a DWTS contestant, but she came across as a good egg.

  • Good for her. Sideline NFL reporting is a small pool filled with mostly terrible water, so it's not surprising to see her rise to the top.

  • gmda

    She was absolutely terrible during the World Series. Her post game interviews were just painful. Is she really a good sideline reporter for the NFL? I'm surprised.

  • Post game interviews in general are kind of painful, unless somebody goes off script like Richard Sherman did, or like Ochocinco used to.

  • thatstrangewoman

    I can't listen to her voice. It grates. When I see her on the sidelines the volume is immediately muted.

  • JayWantsACat

    "Erin Andrews, the only sideline reporter in the NFL worth a damn."

    I can't tell if Dustin is being snarky with this, and the article, or not.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    What do these "stars" get for winning this competition? Please say that it's a cameo in the a SyFy movie.

  • SHARK! NAY! DOH! (cha cha cha...)

  • jlc1967

    Ahem, I am going to believe this is a serious inquiry, and I am going to be OK with admitting to being a DWTS watcher ... The "prize" is a very gaudy mirror ball trophy. And bragging rights. It's joked about in every episode -- "Who will win the mirror ball this season??" OH, sorry, and most important: the "stars" are paid every week, and the money goes up each week one "survives." By weeks 3-4, they can make $10K; weeks 5-6, $20K, etc. The winner actually ends up with nearly $350K.

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