Why Do Good People Keep Showing Up in Tyler Perry Flicks

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | March 20, 2009 | Comments ()


What's more mysterious than Tyler Perry's inexplicable box-office success? The personalities that he manages to rope into his films. The latest? Mary J. Blige has been cast, along with Oscar nominated Taraji P. Henson in I Can Do Bad All By Myself. Blige with play a nightclub manager and singer in the film, based on one of Tyler Perry's earlier plays. Perry's signature character, Madea, will also show up in the movie.

But why? Why would Mary J. Blige appear in a Tyler Perry film? She's amazing. She's a fucking hip-hop goddess. She doesn't need the exposure, and she sure as hell doesn't need to lower herself to that level.

But, Blige and Henson aren't alone. Here are five other personalities, not even including Janet Jackson and Alfre Woodard, who have been snagged by Perry.

Derek Luke in Madea Goes to Jail
Sanaa Lathan in The Family that Preys
Angela Basset in Meet the Browns
Maya Angelou in Madea's Family Reunion
Kathy Bates in The Family that Preys

Well, at least why know why the caged bird sings with a fearful trill.

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