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The upcoming remake of The Crow is one of the most bizarre combinations of movie insanity you're likely to ever hear of. For every somewhat cool thing you read about it, there's an equally disappointing item to balance that out.

For example:

It's being directed by Stephen Norrington, who directed Blade (good) and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (extraordinarily bad)

It's being written, or rewritten by, of all people, Nick Cave (of The Bad Seeds). Very good.

Producer Edward Pressman once likened the crow itself, the main character's spirit creature of sorts, to Godzilla (bad, possibly bugfuck insane).

And now, apparently they've offered the part to Mark Wahlberg (whaaa?)

I have to say, if you asked me to compile a list of actors I'd think were right for the part, Wahlberg wouldn't be at the top. Or the bottom. He wouldn't be on the list at all. Not because he's a bad actor -- far from it. Just because it's so far afield from what he usually does that it would never have even crossed my mind.

As to whether or not he'll accept, I have no idea. Wahlberg's kind of a weird actor -- he picks some brilliant projects (The Departed, Boogie Nights), some more lightweight affairs (The Italian Job, Invincible), and some absolute junk (Max Payne, Planet Of The Apes). So who the hell knows.

But just because I can't picture him in it, doesn't mean he couldn't do it. It is an unusual choice though. Of course, this is very early in the film's development, so it's very possible, if not likely, that this will go nowhere. Irregahdless, what say you?

(source: Bloody Disgusting)

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