"Man of Steel" "Fate Of Your Planet" Trailer: Is It OK to Root for Zod?

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Man of Steel "Fate of Your Planet" Trailer: Is It OK to Root for Zod?

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | May 22, 2013 | Comments ()


We've seen a few Man of Steel trailers already with their Terrence Malick flourishes, and their focus on a contemplative and quiet Superman, but this trailer switches focus to the supervillain, Zod, and as we know, a superhero movie is only as good as its villain (the original Iron Man, excepted). And Holy Mother of Zod, people. This guy has got motherf**king spaceships at his disposal, and Michael Shannon may be the most talented actor to take on a villain role since Heath Ledger. The guy is a beast. He's terrifying when he's reading a letter written by a sorority girl; imagine how good he's going to be when he's supposed to be evil.

Y'all can enjoy your Henry Cavill and his brooding. Me? I'm Team Zod.

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  • Simulacrum 1138

    My dogs are trained to sit when I say "Kneel before Zod!"

  • Salad_Is_Murder

    I don't think it's appropriate to root for Zod when you SHOULD BE KNEELING!

  • DoctorDouchebag

    Well I for one welcome our new Kryptonian overlords.

  • I just love that no matter what planet you come from, you will always be able to speak perfect english. Because somehow English truly is the "universal" language

  • stryker1121

    He's actually speaking Rigelian. By an astonishing coincidence, both of the languages are exactly the same.

  • I wish I had known that. I would have put "bi-lingual" on all my job applications.

  • gnibs

    To speak any other language is barbarism.

  • Stephen Nein

    So does this mean we forgive Zack Snyder?

  • Guest

    Trailers LIE, so the jury is still out on Snyder.

  • Fabius_Maximus


  • ed newman

    I love Shannon and all, and he will probably be great in the role, but I failed to see how this trailer showed it.

  • Superasente

    I have not been this excited about anything in years.
    Even the recent birth of my son. Seriously, he can go fuck himself.

  • Frank B00th

    for the win

  • toblerone

    Sorry, I'll always be on Team Superman.

    I've already got my tickets.

  • TK

    Am I the only one who noticed that General Zod's command ship is basically Sovereign from Mass Effect.

    Also, he's wearing Garrus's armor.


  • NateMan

    If you're a super-powered Kryptonian, why would you need space armor? I mean, it makes sense on their exploded planet, maybe. But why would you wear it when you came to earth and were suddenly next to invincible?

  • Jack London

    Rumour is that in Man of Steel, Krypton hasn't exploded...
    Not sure what to make of that, myself.

  • NateMan

    What?! So rather than being the (almost) sole survivor of a dead planet, Clark just had really shitty parents who used the intergalactic equivalent of a Safe Haven drop-off? That's a little disturbing.

  • Fredo

    Don't know if this would be considered spoiler-ish, but the reason Jor-El sends baby Kal-El away is that he's a natural birth whereas Kryptonians are engineered and bred with a specific purpose in mind.
    Think China's "One Child Policy" x Kryptonia science

  • manny

    Kryton does blow up is being, they are warriors that is why they were armor it is what they came to earth with

  • Jack London

    Indeed. I hope its not true but there needs to some explanation for why Zod has apparently several different warships he can fling at earth. The movie prequel comic released this week has something that helps support this. http://imgur.com/gallery/QDMHS...

  • Non

    ...uh...ugh...ugh...ughhh...don't look at me...huhghhh...uh...uh...uh... I said don't look at me...oh oh...ugh...call your sister when we're done...OH OH OHHHH MY GOSSSSSHHbigosh...huh-uh-uh-uhOH-YES I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!!!!! OHHHHLY-SHITBALLS!!!!

    ...oh man...huuuh... Goddamnit...
    ...kneel before Zod, baby...

    ...where are you going?

  • Wembley

    Ooh! Zod IS advanced. Digital static? Can he make cars backfire too?

  • George

    Ok I'm there.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    If you don't root for team Zod Michael Shannon hides under your bed and waits until you're asleep so that he may sup upon your innocent dream. Then he bangs your mom and your dog follows him out the door because, clearly, he's the Alpha.

  • Stony Tony

    I was rooting for team Zod, but now i'm not going to just so Michael Shannon bangs my mom. She deserves a nice night with a real man.

  • NateMan

    You win for my favorite comment of the day!

  • NateMan

    He actually bangs your mom so hard his sperm travel back in time and fertilize her egg before you can ever be made in the first place, thus retroactively aborting you.

  • zeke_the_pig

    and the Omega by the looks of it

  • That oughta shut the "We want a Superman with ACTION" people up. Holy fuckballs.

  • NateMan

    There are really some twitchy people on that whole 'downvote' button these days.

  • zeke_the_pig


  • BlackRabbit

    I voted for him for President! If he doesn't say the line, I will be unhappy.

  • NateMan

    I'm there with you. I've always had a soft spot for villains secure in their power.

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