"Mad Men" vs. "Game of Thrones" Red Carpet Premieres, Plus the Geekiest Celebrity Couple on the Planet
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"Mad Men" vs. "Game of Thrones" Red Carpet Premieres, Plus the Geekiest Celebrity Couple on the Planet

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | March 21, 2013 | Comments ()


Before we get to the red carpet photos from the premieres for "Game of Thrones" and "Mad Men," can we just take a moment and appreciate that this must be the geekiest power couple in all the land: Richard Madden from "Game of Thrones" is dating the new "Doctor Who" companion, Jenna Louise Coleman.


Also, how fun are these two photos?



And with that, I give you a selection of photos from the red carpet premieres for your eye's enjoyment.

















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  • e jerry powell

    Now, see, all the pictures I had seen of Hendricks in that outfit already were from different angles. Now I see that those are some pointe-shoe looking hooker heels she has on. This distresses me.

  • zeke_the_pig

    I guess it's true what they say - Lannisters do have the most fun

  • Jezzer

    Poor Elisabeth Moss finally wears something non-frumpy to a premiere and immediately breaks an ankle. :(

  • Strand

    Jesus Christ at Bran Stark. Puberty hit him like a pile of bricks.

  • Kballs

    Are we sure January Jones doesn't need an intervention? She looks . . . ragged.

  • .... How old is Sophie Turner again?

    *Creeps even himself out, leaves*

  • TheOriginalMRod

    Those wacky Lannisters!

  • babykangarootribbiani

    that little girl who plays sally is such a cutie!! i wonder if we;ll see any of creepy glen this year (my mind was blown when i learned he;s the son of the guy who created mad men)


    Kieran Shipka is ADORABLE and I love how Natalie Dormer looks.

    And Richard Madden has aspectacular head of hair. Mmm.

  • BendinIntheWind

    I have a weirdly opposite reaction to Natalie Dormer whenever I see her out of character - I think the darker/longer hair really suits her. I think it's the way she half-smiles with her nose turned up, kind of comes off as smug to me.

    Or maybe I'm just projecting because she got BEAUTIFUL RENLY and I didn't.

    And complete agreement on Richard Madden, particularly the beard.

  • Tinkerville

    Natalie was an absolute knockout on The Tudors with long raven black hair. I wish she'd keep that look forever instead of going back to blonde.

  • Agreed. And smug is a good look on her (e.g. see all of her scenes in The Tudors.)

  • BlackRabbit

    Now I'm imagining Matt Smith showing up in the TARDIS. "There's no time, we have to run!" "Why?" "Because winter is coming!"


  • BWeaves

    Arya and Sally Draper have the best dresses, followed closely by Sansa.

    Bran is still freaking me out.

    The adults don't know how to dress themselves.

  • e jerry powell

    I want one picture -- just one -- of The Dinklage standing beside The Hammaconda. Is that too much to ask?

  • Kballs

    I would pay big money to see Dinklage in between a skinny-jeaned Hamm and Christina Hendricks in a tight t-shirt. BIG money.

  • e jerry powell

    Oh, honey, that sounds like the beginning of a letter to Penthouse.

  • Uriah_Creep

    Crossover! Mad Thrones! Game of Men?

  • e jerry powell

    Game of Men...

    I don't know if I'll be able to think straight for the next five hours or so.

  • Uriah_Creep

    Oh Jerry, I love that you're such an unabashed slut.

  • e jerry powell

    And I have friends who make me look positively tame by comparison.

  • e jerry powell

    Oh, whatever will work.

  • koko temur

    Brans aging is seriously freaking me out you guys. if you read five truely massive books when Bran is 5, this is so, so unsettling.
    First they age him on the show just q couple of years, and you like "i get it, a 8 year old getting thrown out of window is by far less disturbing than a 5 year old". And suddenly he growing a beard and forced to duel with jamie in insane fit of jelousy about flirting with his sister.

  • Anna

    Bran is 7 at the start of GoT

  • Mrs. Julien

    Admit it, the first thing all of you do now when looking at Hamm is check to see if his boys have a house.

  • David Sorenson

    I know. After spending all of yesterday being distracted by John's Hamm (which I read here and has my vote for best euphemism), now I'm distracted by it's absence.

  • e jerry powell

    No, if his boys are running free through town!

  • koko temur

    I did. And then checked the comment section for complaints about it. Im very dissapointed in you all.

  • e jerry powell


  • John W

    Sensory overload.

    All we need is for Madden and Coleman to get married and give birth to Darth Vader.

    With the wedding presided by Gandalf.

    And Spock giving the bride away.

  • QueeferSutherland

    Who's throwing up the deuces in that second pic with Hamm?

  • Bert_McGurt

    Katy Perry, I think. I have no idea how she's involved with any of this.

  • kushiro -

    That photo is from the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2012. Terry Richardson took that shot (thumbs up, everyone!)

  • koko temur

    Who is that on the last picture?

  • MrsAtaxxia

    Carice Van Houton who plays Melisandre.

  • Jezzer

    Her dress is dark and full of terrors.

  • koko temur

    Thank you! It was driving me nuts!

  • MrsAtaxxia

    No worries. I only knew cause she was named on another site that had a red carpet rundown otherwise I would be like "eeerm who wandered in from the off-off-OFF Broadway production of Black Swan?"

  • I don't like her shoes, but I LOVE that she's curtsying!

  • koko temur

    She reminds me some agining euro-trush one hit wonder from the 90s in this photo. Surprisingly, thats not a diss...

  • I think the word you were looking for is "Jay, Carice!" (At her level of awesomeness, you don't need a last name.)

  • koko temur

    Sweeden...? latvia..? German all girl punk group... ? God damn.

  • ShagEaredVillain

    Did Christina Hendricks bring Kristen Wiig's ugly sister to the red carpet?
    Oh, no, that's January Jones.

  • Mrs. Julien


  • lowercase_ryan

    Think Richard Madden's eventual bride will wear red on the big day?

  • Well, we know who will be the ring bearer. I'm looking forward to the post-wedding photos. Just saying....

  • birdgal

    You are horrible, horrible I say!

  • Tinkerville


  • Mrs. Julien

    The "You know nothing John Snow" woman is committing a sin by keeping that glorious head of red hair in an up do. A SIN!

  • Couldn't agree more. Not only wasting that wonderful ginger but it makes her head/face look square and somehow ruins the whole outfit.

  • Kballs

    Her whole shit is messy up there.

  • That dress isn't doing her any favors, either.

  • Ziver

    Rose Leslie who I much preferred on Downton Abbey

  • FireLizardQueen

    Christina Hendricks is a stunning woman, but goddamn does she have the worst stylist. They keep dressing her in stuff that 1) does not show off her figure, 2) make her (already tiny frame) look stumpy or the worst 3) squishes her boobs to death.

  • toblerone

    I don't think its her stylist (if she has one) but the simple fact that most designers don't make clothing for women with real curves.

  • FireLizardQueen

    I'm completely useless today and can't remember anyone's name, but there are plenty of curvy and/or large chested women in Hollywood who manage to look great at red carpet events. Christina Hendricks is not one of them..

    Just remembered, Kat Dennings! Perfect example of an actress with a similar figure who is well dressed 85% of the time.

  • BendinIntheWind

    Also Octavia Spencer - except for her dress at this year's Oscars, I remember her wearing a series of Tadashi Shoji gowns last year that were phenomenal on her.

  • Queen Latifah always looks good & classy. Also, designers will happily build gowns for celebrities with curves. It's not that difficult. I made wedding gowns for women sized 2-32, and they all ended up looking lovely. Girlfriend needs a new stylist.

  • Steph

    Whither the Dinklage?

  • Tinkerville

    Whither John Hamm's penis?

  • Guest

    Mad Men Wins.

    Hello Miss Moss!

    Side note: Robb Stark and Clara together has so many crossover possibilities.

  • MrsAtaxxia

    Cersi and Bran have the same smile in that picture. I love seeing actors out of character and seeming like they really like each other.

  • koko temur

    Holy shit, is that Bran?!?! Its Walt situation all over again.

  • Kballs

    Good news is that the books actually progress through years, not just months, so his aging will not be too out of place.

  • koko temur

    not in the rate GRRM is writing them

  • MrsAtaxxia

    Yeah puberty hit hard and took those round lil cheeks with a QUICKNESS.

  • Natallica

    Kiernan Shipka looks SOOO much like Emma Watson she scares me. Also, why January Jones went out of the gym, put her old interpretative dance team dress on and went straight to the premiere?

  • I think I just fell in love with Christina Hendricks' shoes...

  • Guest

    Wow, only a straight woman (or gay man) who would look at Christina Hendricks and notice her footwear?

  • Mrs. Julien

    As a straight woman, I mostly look at Ms. Hendrick's and think, "That is not doing you justice". She is glorious, but her stylist should be shot and then pissed on. It's less upsetting just to look at her feet.

  • $27019454

    See, I don't think she's glorious at all. I know. Sue me. But I think she's unkempt and messy (and redundant?). It looks like she doens't care. I've not seen her in anything that does her justice.

  • $27019454

    Hold the phone: Just saw the shoes. Those are gorgeous. Those would do ME justice.

  • Mrs. Julien

    As if anything could.

    It's the wigs. She has really bad wigs. And the clothing. Again: stylist shot and then pissed on.

  • e jerry powell

    I guess the shoes draw attention away from the baby heads.

  • You know how all little girls want a pair of ruby slippers like Dorothy's? These are the adult version.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I have ruby slippers. Like actual slippers. From K-mart.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Me too! My mum has a pair like that in black suede from the 1950s. We used to play dress up in them and long for the day they'd fit. Alas, they never did, but Eldest Sister Julien and I have a life long love of pointy toes and glass heels (that's what the Dowager called them) as a result.

  • That's a lovely thing to share with your sister. :)

  • Mrs. Julien

    Well, it was the good sister. (I have two sisters and a brother. When we call and leave messages, we only ever say "Tell him/her the good sister called". Hijinks ensue.)

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