'Machete Kills' Wants To Show You What It's All About: Scantily Clad Women, Violence, and More Scantily Clad Women.

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'Machete Kills' Wants To Show You What It's All About: Scantily Clad Women, Violence, and More Scantily Clad Women.

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | September 20, 2013 | Comments ()


You don’t have to be a math scientist to understand that Machete Kills is all about simple B movie tactics and a splodey good time. To reiterate this fact, Robert Rodriguez has released a sizzle reel of Alexa Vega and b-roll footage. Enjoy!


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  • I know I've said this before, but sometimes it seems like Hollywood occasionally makes movies just for me. And I appreciate that.

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    We went from great trailer to bad movie to awful-looking sequel. Are we done with Machete yet?

  • Boo_Radley

    Isn't Danny Trejo about 4 feet tall?

  • Legally Insignificant

    Without sounding like a complete psycho, I can no longer see Danny Trejo without picturing his head riding across the desert on top of a tortoise.

  • Artemis

    Fuck Hollywood. Between this and the Penelope Cruz/Cameron Diaz post, I can't even this morning.

    I'm making a New Years Resolution right now. In 2014, I'm not watching any movies that don't pass the Bechdel Test (or that, like this, are facially offensive). I'm so fucking over this shit.

  • the dude

    You do know the Bechdel test is fundamentally wrong right? You cannot MEASURE things like misoginy and feminism. It's just stupid

  • TK

    Fundamentally "wrong"? That statement makes zero sense. The Bechdel test does nothing more than measure the level of interactivity among women and how they are relating to each other. It questions whether or not women are able to interact with each other independently of men. There is no right or wrong to it. Passing the test simply means that the film meets those criteria, but it's what you do with that information (and what it means to you), and what it says about both that particular movie and cinema as a whole, that is a more relevant outcome.

    It's a metric, but not something that can be right or wrong, per se. It's not a measurement of misogyny, and it's reductive and pointless to dismiss it so lightly.

  • the dude

    Yeah, but I would argue that by design it is trying to measure those things in a way, otherwise it'd just be another statistical formula.

  • 'Misogyny.' I'm sorry, it's like a sickness. If it makes it better, I do the same thing to public bulletin boards and postings.

  • Gauephat

    "In 2014, I'm not watching any movies that don't pass the Bechdel Test..."

    I get the sentiment, but the Bechdel Test isn't an arbiter of quality or its attitude towards women. Why not just resolve to not watch shitty movies?

  • Artemis

    1. Because it's harder to tell which movies are shitty before seeing them than it is to tell whether they pass the Bechdel Test (there are websites devoted to tracking the latter, and it's an objective measure rather than a subjective one).

    2. Because I'm not pissed off about bad movies, I'm pissed off specifically about movies that are bad for women.

    3. Because even though the Bechdel Test doesn't perfectly capture whether a movie treats women like human beings, it's (a) the best objective measure I've found, (b) at least weeds out most of the worst shit, and (c) whether two female characters have any interaction that doesn't center a man may be a low bar, but a higher bar would make it impossible to watch 90% of what Hollywood puts out.

  • Gauephat

    But you're missing my point: the Bechdel Test says nothing about how a film treats women, it just presents a binary scale of female involvement. There are plenty of deeply sexist movies that pass the Bechdel Test, and many "feminist" ones that don't.

    On an individual level it's useless, and completely not its intended purpose. The idea is that it can be used as a proxy for female involvement over large samples. not that it should be used to stamp the "bad for women" sign on individual films.

  • Artemis

    I understand the purpose of the Bechdel Test, thanks. I am well aware that it does not, on an individual level, guarantee that a film is good for women, or that a film that fails it is bad for women. I disagree, however, that it "says nothing about how a film treats women." I think that even on an individual level, if a movie shows no named women engaging in any dialogue at all that isn't about a man (which includes things like "is the coffee ready?" or "good morning"), it usually says quite a bit about how that movie treats women. Namely, that there are either almost no women in it, or that the women orbit entirely around the male characters.

    Yes, some movies that might otherwise be deemed "good for women" won't fit that criteria. I am perfectly comfortable skipping those for a year. I am not planning to see every single movie that does pass the Bechdel Test, so I'm not particularly worried that simply by using it as a barometer I will end up watching nothing but offensive Kate Hudson rom-coms. My point, which I think you missed, is that it's important to me right now to respond to how shitty Hollywood is toward female characters by spending some time only patronizing movies that meet the very very minimal requirement of including any female interaction at all that is not about a man. That is not a silver bullet to avoiding shit like Machete Kills, which probably will pass the Bechdel Test, but it's a response that will make me feel better about which movies my money goes to support.

  • Gauephat

    Fair enough.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    Why not just watch the trailer? If it doesn't appeal to you, don't see it.

    I guess I'm curious as to why you feel the need to be objective about the movies that you're going to see.

  • Artemis

    Because just going to see movies that look good still results in me watching a ton of movies with no (or one) female character of any importance. And yeah, some of those movies are great and I'm glad I watched them, but I think it would be a good experiment for myself if I spent a period of time only watching movies that manage to make minimal efforts to show women existing in ways that are not dependent on male characters.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    You mean I spent all that time and money on becoming a math scientist, and I didn't even need to? Thanks. Thanks a lot.

  • BWeaves

    Watching movies get made is so cheesy looking.

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