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April 23, 2008 |

By Seth Freilich | Industry | April 23, 2008 |

I like Louis C.K. a lot. I think he’s a fantastic stand-up comedian, and as a former writer for the Letterman, Conan and Chris Rock shows, I know he must have some writing chops. But his HBO sitcom, “Lucky Louie,” was an unmitigated disaster. Absolutely motherfucking terrible. So I’m not sure I’m terribly excited about the fact that CBS has given a script commitment to C.K. and Pamela Adlon, his wife on the show (who also voices Bobby on “King of the Hill,” so I can’t hate on her too much). The pilot script will apparently focus on them as a married couple with a bunch of kids. Which, uhm, doesn’t excite me in the least. In fact, this show deeply worries me because (a) my image of C.K. has already been tainted by the taint stain that was “Lucky Louie,” and I don’t know if that image can survive a second blow, and (b) I dig Adlon on Showtime’s “Californication,” and I hope this doesn’t mean she won’t show back up, because that would be a double whammy, taking her from a good show and putting on a (likely) turd show.

And the skepticism continues over to NBC, where the Peacock has announced that it will be working to create some new series which will be focused and centered on sponsored products. For example, there’s “Gemini Division,” a sci-fi show starring Rosario Dawson which will feature products from Intel, Cisco and Microsoft, among others. And there’s “Woke Up Dead,” a comedy about young zombies. I adore Rosario Dawson, and who can complain about zombies? But this just smells like a bad idea unless handled expertly. The good news, however, is that these won’t be airing on TV, but on websites, so most of us are likely to ever see them anyway, because although NBC is going to combine the four minute webisodes into half-hour episodes for overseas airing, it won’t likely air them stateside because of the “Quarterlife” one episode debacle.

You know, I get the sense that some of the regular Pajiba readers are “Firefly” fans. Don’t know why I think that — just a gut feeling. If I’m right, then some of y’all might be happy to know that Alan Tudyk has landed himself a new pilot. Unfortunately, it’s a show I’ve told you about before and which I remain entirely unenthused about, ABC’s “This Might Hurt.” This is the “comedy” from the writers of “Will & Grace” about a pair of friends and business partners. And one’s gay and one’s straight. And gaylarious hijinks ensue.

And speaking of Whedon, his “Dollhouse” is becoming a bit more fleshed out. You’ll recall that the show will star Eliza Dushku as part of a group of operatives who have their minds repeatedly erased. Well, the show will also be featuring Tahmoh Penikett (“Battlestar Galactica’s” Helo), and Whedon has just announced that Amy Acker is also on board (the Whedon nuts know she was a regular on “Angel,” and others may remember her from the last season of “Alias” or the blink-and-you-missed-it “Drive”). Also, the pilot script has apparently gotten out there, and the early buzz is pretty positive — an EW writer says it’s “The Bourne Identity meets Stepford Wives meets boarding school meets Los Angeles neo-noir meets the Whedonverse.” …Fucking Hollywood and the “X meets Y” loglines. But, in any event, seems that the Whedonheads (do y’all have an official name?) can begin thinking happy thoughts and doing dirty things in the corner of their rooms (but be careful, God is watching!).

Hmmmm … last week, I told you that Donal Logue had just been cast in HBO’s “1%,” the biker gang show. Well, “1%” has now hit a bit of a legal snag, as biker Sonny Barger has filed a lawsuit claiming that HBO stole this project from his handlebar gripping mitts. Barger is a founding member of the Hell’s Angels, so HBO should be lucky that he only filed suit — I’ve seen the video from Altamont (and Barger was one of the Hell’s Angels there). In any event, no idea just yet about whether this will actually slow down or halt production of the show, but if the case doesn’t settle quickly, that’s certainly a distinct possibility.

And lastly, we can all agree that the Emmys are meaningless, right? Even still, we predict, we watch, and we bitch. Well this year, we’ll have another new category to bitch about. Actually, strike that last part — we’ll have a new category, but I doubt most will care enough to bitch if their favorite doesn’t win as the Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program. Although I will say this — if mother fucking Ryan Seacrest wins this award, I’ll personally open the bitching floodgates. I can’t stand that bastard.

TV Whore, out!

Seth Freilich is Pajiba’s television editor. His favorite moment on TV the last week has to be the
Lebowski reference with Beau Bridges on “My Name Is Earl.” Well played, guys.

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April 23, 2008

Industry | April 23, 2008 |

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