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By Dustin Rowles | Industry | December 11, 2008 |

Below is the trailer for Love the Beast, a documentary about Eric Bana’s beloved car and the crash that destroyed it. And yes: I said documentary, not mockumentary. Eric Bana directed a movie about his car.

What kind of … but … where … how … how did he come up with the idea? Was he bored? Was he just sitting around the kitchen table one morning, thinking to himself in that lush Australian accent: “Self. I’ve got six movies coming out in 2009 and another in 2010. But that’s not enough. What can I do to keep myself occupied? I should direct a documentary. Yeah. That’s what I’ll do. But what will my subject be. Hmmmm. Oh, I know. I know! My CAR! Who doesn’t want to watch a documentary about my car?! I love my car …. obviously, everyone else will, too. That’s perfect. Ooooh. Ooooh. I could get Jay Leno. He loves cars, too. We can talk about cars on camera. And I’ll film it. And mass distribute it! You know who else would be great? Dr. Phil. Man, I love that guy. So insightful. Especially when it comes to people and their relationships with their cars. This is gonna be awesome. I can’t wait!”

Seriously, dude: Stick to quality flicks. And stay away from Drew Barrymore.

Narcissism Isn't Strong Enough a Word

Eric Bana Really Loves His Car / Dustin Rowles

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