Louis Leterrier Addresses the "Famously Horrible" 3D Conversion On His "Clash of Titans"

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Louis Leterrier Addresses the "Famously Horrible" 3D Conversion On His Clash of the Titans

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | May 29, 2013 | Comments ()


If you're not familiar with Mike Ryan, Huffpo's entertainment reporter, you should be. He, more than anyone in the field, is most capable of eliciting honest and candid answers out of his subjects, and part of the reason for that is because Ryan will ask touchy questions no one else will, and he's disarming enough that he never comes off as a douche (Mike Ryan could've pulled off that fake Bradley Cooper interview without coming off like a smarmy jackass, which is to say, the real Mike Ryan is better than my fake self at interviews).

I've never met Mike Ryan, so I don't know how he manages it, but I'm guessing his midwestern appeal opens his subjects up. Or maybe it's just the fact that he is seems legitimately interested in the answers, and avoids the standard junket questions. Whatever it is, he's quietly the best in his field, and no one is even close (MTV's Josh Horowitz is probably a distant second). Two years ago, he single-handedly transformed Mathew Lillard from a pop-culture punchline into a guy you want to hang out with; he opened my eyes to the fact that Chris Evans is charmingly insecure; and just this week, in a phone interview, no less, he got Nick Offerman to say "p*ssy" five times and managed to separate the real-life Offerman from his fictional character, Ron Swanson.

Even more impressively, he got the French director, Louis Leterrier, to admit that the 3D transformation in Clash of the Titans was not only a horrible idea, but that it wasn't even Leterrier's idea, though the director would get the blame for it.

I have to say, you seem like a much happier human being right now than when I spoke to you for "Clash of the Titans."

It was a very tough experience. I was literally thrown under the bus for something that ... I still have a good relationship with Warner Bros., but at one point it was like, "Yeah, Louis chose the 3D." And I was like, "No, guys, I didn't choose the 3D. I actually told you it's not working. I couldn't control it. I said don't do it."

The 3D on "Clash of the Titans" was famously rushed.

Yeah, exactly. It was famously rushed and famously horrible. It was absolutely horrible, the 3D. Nothing was working, it was just a gimmick to steal money from the audience. I'm a good boy and I rolled with the punches and everything, but it's not my movie. "Clash of the Titans" is not my movie. And ultimately that's why I didn't do the sequel.

It's a fun action movie, all in all. Some people are really happy with the movie. I tried to do the best I could, but it was not the best experience of my life, I must say. I wasn't protected. Talking about surrounding yourself with the right people -- I felt like I was really thrown at the wolves.

Ryan also got Leterrier to open up about the skirmish he had with Ed Norton on the set of The Incredible Hulk, and how that was blown out of proportion, which you can read about by checking out the full interview, in which they also chat about Leterrier's Now You See Me, opening this weekend.

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