"Lone Survivor" Trailer: Peter Berg Tries To Make Taylor Kitsch Happen Again, and I Think It Just Might Work
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Lone Survivor Trailer: Peter Berg Tries To Make Taylor Kitsch Happen Again, and I Think It Just Might Work

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | August 1, 2013 | Comments ()


Based on the failed June 28, 2005 mission “Operation Red Wings,” Lone Survivor is about four members of SEAL Team 10 who were tasked with the mission to capture or kill notorious Taliban leader, Ahmad Shahd.

There was only one survivor, which is a shame because that means characters played by Emile Hirsch, Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster, and possibly Eric Bana (although, I think he’s a higher-up) will die to save Mark Wahlberg. Nevertheless, it seems as though Peter Berg — who had a serious misfire with Battleship — is getting back to his Friday Night Lights tone. There’s Explosions in the Sky (or at least, someone who sounds like them), Peter Gabriel doing a David Bowie song, and what is clearly a bro-military movie designed to make you weep.

It’ll probably work, too.

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  • E Robb

    Seems like war movies have fallen into one of two very specific categories these days. It's either War is Hell or Soldiers are Brothers. What I wouldn't give for another Apocalypse Now.

  • Michelle

    Ha, did you intentionally call it a "bro-military" movie? Because if so: AWESOME.

    I will probably see this.

  • 724wd

    couldn't they get Hirch a face-merkin or something? his beard is AWFUL!

  • Catagisreading

    I think that Berg has said that he made Battleship as a favor to the studio so that they would give him the money to make this.

    It looks like it might have been worth it.

  • kirivinokur

    Possibly at the cost of Tim Riggins's career, unfortunately for him.

  • koko temur

    well, it is a hollywood version of the story, after all. so maybe all of them survive and marry meg ryan. (yes, all of them)

  • llp

    1980s Meg Ryan, or current day Meg Ryan?

  • koko temur

    sadly, current Meg Ryan. 80s Meg Ryan would have carried the movie all by herself.

  • llp

    I miss 80s Meg Ryan.

  • Repo

    This was a tremendous book, and I've been anticipating this one for awhile. I read actual survivor Marcus Luttrell spent a lot of time on set.

  • Fredo

    They all look like Jack Black clones.

  • melissa82

    Especially Emile Hirsh!

  • John G.

    do all guys with beards look the same to you? Do you have face blindness?

  • jaimejoshi

    Thank you! That was driving me insane - that's exactly who they look like.

  • ViciousTrollop

    I hope Taylor Kitsch happens. I feel bad for him. The poor thing. He's a decent actor and I think he deserves a second chance.

  • llp

    I feel something for Taylor Kitsch, but it isn't bad. Or maybe it is. Mmmmm.

  • Yes. I blame John Carter on Disney for an epically bad marketing campaign AND allowing that director to completely blow the budget, and the rest because they cut his hair and killed his Tim Riggins mojo. More seriously though, it's not like you could tell Peter Berg or Oliver Stone, "No." when you were in Taylor's position. One had essentially given you a career and the other has won Academy Awards for directing. It's just a shame that all three crashed and burned so badly.

    Fingers crossed this new one does better - and maybe it'll help that he's not the lead.

  • ed newman

    Savages was a pretty good movie and Riggins was perfectly fine in it. Plus I don't know that it crashed and burned so badly versus expectations. It made more than its production budget in the US alone. Christian Bale made a ton of movies in this vein. These type of movies and performances don't kill careers.

    Headlining Battleship and John Carter could though. We have to hope he is as resilient as Colin Ferrell. That guy's career is Terminatoresque.

  • GDI

    What Savages are you talking about? It was cringe inducing awful the whole way through.

    I'll break it down:

    -The cartels insistence on a partnership for marijuana is complete nonsense (Breaking Bad is definitely on point with meth being the favored revenue stream for Mexi-Cartels).

    -I'm supposed to believe some thug dressed up as a cop is gunna sneak up on a SEAL. Ok. Sure.
    -This is before getting to the performances of Travolta and Lively. And that ending (not to mention the false cadence). Dear lord, what a mess it all was.

    It's one of the few movies that I induces a vitriolic reaction in me. It had potential, but it was completely squandered.
    Now, I did like Lawless, so take that as you will. However, know that Tom Hardy grunting his way through a movie is much more entertaining the tripe that was Savages.

  • Anne At Large

    And I had such fun at that movie, too. I feel bad for the guy.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Hmmm - can someone who can watch videos at work tell me which Bowie song Peter Gabriel is covering? That sounds like it's worth checking out before I get home today.

  • Boothy K


  • Miss Kate


  • Bert_McGurt

    Thanks! That DOES sound like it's worth checking out.

  • Anne At Large

    His whole cover album is interesting, you might enjoy it. His versions of Mirrorball and the Book of Love are two of my favorites (although the Boy in the Bubble is pretty strange).

  • Renton

    I loved the whole album except for his cover of Street Spirit which felt very laboured.

  • Miss Kate

    I didn't know he put out a whole album of covers! Sounds interesting.

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