Liv Tyler, The Ninth Doctor And A Host Of Other Pretty People Are In For Damon Lindelof's New HBO Show

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Liv Tyler, The Ninth Doctor And A Host Of Other Pretty People Are In For Damon Lindelof's New HBO Show

By Joanna Robinson | Trade News | September 17, 2013 | Comments ()


Say what you will about Damon Lindelof (I know, you’ve said plenty), but the man is partially responsible for one of the most engrossing and talked about TV shows in recent memory so I am at least curious to see what he does with his own HBO series. He’s been given the green light for a 10 episode season of The Leftovers. Adapted from Tom Perotta’s novel of the same name, the series will follow the bewildered citizens of Mapleton, a formerly comfortable suburban community that lost over a hundred people in the “Sudden Departure” (aka rapture). So we’re dealing with the supernatural which, you’ll agree, is Lindelof’s wheelhouse. (A wheelhouse that’s sometimes built entirely out of penis-vagina monsters.)

Does it sounds a little Under The Dome-y for your taste? The cast, at least, is something to cheer for. Joining Liv Tyler and Christopher Eccleston are Justin Theroux and Amy Brenneman and the pilot was directed by Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights). So, what do you think? Are you excited or did you leave your heart in the Unitarian Universalist chapel in the sky?




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  • axis2clusterB

    I didn't love the book, but I'm all about Eccleston and will give it a shot.

  • anikitty

    Amy Brenneman is so pretty.

  • ed newman

    Is that an old picture? I haven't seen her look anywhere near that good since Heat.

  • I was on board with Lost from the first promos all the way through the middling finale. I saw Prometheus twice in the theater just to make sure I didn't miss something the first time. I was never a Star Trek fan and found the two Abrams movies totally entertaining. World War Z might have been the best movie of the summer (which isn't actually saying much, but it was nowhere near the disaster that it was predicted to be). I even thought Cowboys & Aliens was a damn fine Western for about 45 minutes.

    All of that said, I'm not sure I can muster up the interest in something as utterly silly as a Rapture story, which is like ten times as bananas as a time traveling island that acts as the cork to hell or whatever.

  • Jiffylush

    I am right there with you through all of this except for WWZ, I am assuming you didn't read the book or were able to properly separate the book and movie in your head before watching.

    As far as a rapture story goes I can see your trepidation. But this isn't a Curt Cameron production so I will give it the benefit of the doubt and check it out.

  • I read and loved WWZ and knew that nothing outside of a well funded cable miniseries would do the job of translating the book properly. Once Walking Dead hit I wasn't even really sad that we weren't getting that treatment of WWZ because even I don't need that many gritty, violent zombie dramas on my TV every week.

    Even with that realization my expectations for the movie were extremely low (especially after hearing about the production nightmare it became) and I was perfectly willing to skip it entirely with movie outings at a premium this year. But a buddy wanted to go and I had a night off so go we did and I was really pleasantly surprised. Still not totally sure about how I feel about Act 3, but damn if I didn't love the set pieces building up to the finale and while it's just a completely different story than the book, I did like seeing a zombie apocalypse on a world-wide scale when we've become so accustomed to seeing them through the eyes of a lone pack of survivors. No one has had the budget or the scope to approach the genre like this before and if nothing else I appreciate the fresh take (although I would argue that there's more to like in the movie than just a new point of view).

  • Jiffylush

    You are probably right, I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it hadn't been called WWZ. Although I will say that the CGI Zombies, especially in large groups, really stuck out to me and it took me out of the story at times.

  • JenVegas

    Really? 10x as bananas? I would have accepted 4 or 5 times as bananas but 10???

  • Scully

    Goddamnit, Lindelof! Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in.

  • BWeaves

    Oh, look, they left all the pretty people behind. I guess they all have mass quantities of sex, because they know they're not going to heaven anyway, right?

  • Artemis

    They left all the white people behind, too. The IMDB page shows 15 cast members, only one of whom is not white.

    Which is really disappointing from one of the guys behind Lost. You'd think he of all people would realize that not only does a diverse cast not scare away viewers, it also makes for a better show.

  • NateMan

    That's why I'll cheerfully end up in Hell. It's where all the fun people go.

  • Anne At Large

    They have all the good music, too.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    That's how they got left behind, BWeaves. Pretty=gangbang=sin=heathen. Ugly=WoW=slovenly but not sinner=Rapture.

    Look! The math is right there!

  • Carey Adams

    That is a great cast. I'll definitely be checking this one out. Also, I think Lindelof redeemed himself a bit in my eyes fixing the totally messed up World War Z. Then again, I did not hate the Lost finale as much as most.

  • e jerry powell

    I'm there, providing Eccleston will be featuring his world-famous other cheek-turning.

  • DataAngel

    I'm there, providing Eccleston will be featuring his world-famous nose and ears and eyes.

  • e jerry powell

    I'm sorry, could you repeat that? I couldn't hear you over Christopher Eccleston's BUTT.


  • Guest

    Most of his work is utter crap or turns out to be, like Lost, Star Trek, Prometheus or WWZ.
    And Box Office Numbers or Nielsen Ratings are not an indicator for quality.

  • You know, when people dislike things that are really sets them apart as bold and free-thinking individuals.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    I always thought it meant I was a contrarian but I'll start telling people that call me an asshole online that I'm a bold and free-thinking individual and to STFU.

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