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November 18, 2008 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | November 18, 2008 |

I mean, really: It was kind of expected, wasn’t it? A sequel that makes $279 million (and lands in 7th place, all time, on our Worst Blockbusters list) is surely to spawn a third, right? You’d hate the 18 collective Oscar nominations to go to waste doing projects of value, right?

So, yeah: The Little Fockers is in the works, and Blythe Danner and Robert DeNiro have confirmed their participation. Since Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand have little else to do but grow old and count their money in their geriatric Underoos, I suspect they’ll also return, and the foursome will play grandparents to the spawn of Ben Stiller and Teri Polo. There’s nothing I love more than sexual banter between Streisand and Hoffman — it’s erectional! Raven Symone will play the babysitter. The surprising thing to me, really, is that Ben Stiller can still procreate after taking so many hits to the pants’ weenie.

But you know what’s most depressing? Box-office wise, Meet the Fockers stands as the most successful movie that anyone in the cast has ever been in. In fact, Meet the Fockers grossed more money than all three Godfather movies combined. This, folks, is what passes for comedy in this culture:

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Industry | November 18, 2008 |

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