Liberace Is F*cking Matt Damon: Trade News Photos Ahoy!
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Liberace Is F*cking Matt Damon: Trade News Photos Ahoy!

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | December 7, 2012 | Comments ()


Phil "Hair Bear" Spector is the subject of a David Mamet movie for HBO. Here are a couple of photos of Al Pacino as Spector, Helen Mirren as his defense attorney, and Jeffrey Tambor as another defense attorney. A hair and a crazy that big need all of the defense attorneys they can get.
These pictures of Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon as his lover Scott Thorson are delightful! Seriously. Damon has on lip gloss and a white uniform/suit with a cap! Douglas is equally fabulous, having captured the Liberace Face almost perfectly. Behind The Candelabra will premiere on HBO in 2013.
I must admit, I've been preoccupied with beauty products and less with movie news for a little over a year now, so you'll excuse me for missing the announcement that The Hobbit would be three long-ass movies. My poor hinder still remembers the uncomfortable theater seats from watching one of the LOTR movies back in the day. To get you psyched for the The Hobbit: There And Back Again and The Hobbit: Holy Shit Am I Home YetThe Desolation of Smaug, a movie still has been released. Way to work Legolas in there, Jackson.
I read The Host and I am sort of looking forward to the movie starring Saoirse Ronan. I might even read the book again. DON'T YOU JUDGE ME! I know about your obsession with "The Vampire Diaries"! Here are some pics of Ronan, as well as Max Irons, Jake Abel, Diane Kruger, William Hurt, and Boyd Holbrook. The photo with the dudes in white suits looks like they are about to start tying their wrists together and dance-fighting with knives.
I know that I should end with a bang, but I'm ending with a meh. Of course, it might be a bang to you. I just don't like "Mad Men". Here's Elizabeth Moss, and some fellow cast members, in costume for the new season. Sorry, Figgy. No Hamm.

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  • Katylalala

    I hate Ted Chaough with an intensity that is entirely inappropriate for a mostly off-camera basic cable B-Story villain.

  • Even Stevens

    In that last Liberace pic, Douglas also has a bit of Joe Pesci vibe working

  • BlackRabbit

    Admit it, I'm not the only one who snickered a little at the name of that Liberace film.

  • John G.

    I don't care if you liked the Host, I'm judging you for not liking Mad Men

  • martin

    Matt Damon looks a little like Javier Bardem from Skyfall's twin

  • Morgan_LaFai

    So my friend madethis film about the three hobbit movies and this seemed like a good site to share it on. I won't say her voice is the best, but the sentiment behind it is perfect.

    Three movies for one short, cute book is just ridiculous. If you want to make a film about what happened concurrently with the events in the Hobbit or events between the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings then make that film. But for the love of all that is good and pure in this world, don't mesh the two together.

    Though I confess, I really want this to be good. I really do love the world Tolkien created and I thought the first three films were pretty dang good. Plus I will be really happy for their to finally be a good dragon movie. And don't talk to me about How to Tame Your Dragon. That movies was cute and all, but it was a children's film. I want a good adult film about dragons.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Whaaaaa?! You didn't like Eragon?

  • Fabius_Maximus

    I'm pretty sure the Rifftrax version is the shit. That story is such a goldmine of unintentional hilarity.

    OTOH, Dragonheart is pretty good.

  • Morgan_LaFai

    Dragonheart was fun but I wouldn't call it good. It is perfect hangover watching, but nothing I would want to share with friends.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Agree. Nothing brilliant or new, but solidly entertaining. I did like Dennis Quaid once upon a time.

  • BierceAmbrose

    Saoirse Ronan does gunkata?

  • bleujayone

    I'm sorry, but these days Al Pacino plays Al Pacino wearing different
    costumes. At no point do most of his portrayals allow us to forget that
    he's anything other than Al Pacino and not the character he's supposed to be
    playing anymore. Now on a few select occasions I can sit back and let that go
    (Heat comes to mind), but even so, it still looks more like Al Pacino is
    playing a multi-movie franchise of Fletch where every movie he plays a
    new identity. Sure his name and occupation changes, but we know it's just Al Pacino. He doesn't try deeply to change and convince us he's a different person. It doesn't matter if he's playing a cop, a lawyer, a football coach, a gambler, a criminal or the Devil himself. He's become the worst master of disguise. Just once I'd like to see his accompanying characters stand up and say. "Dude, what's with the Al Pacino impersonation? It's very distracting."

    I say all this because now he's cast playing Phil Spector, not a character but a real person. He's not Al Pacino, so having him sound like Al Pacino in a bad wig wold be like slapping a series of bad wigs on Lindsay Lohan and expecting us to accept she's Elizabeth Taylor....oh, wait. Does this mean an accurate portrayal cannot be done? Of course not. Pacino has proven in the past he has the chops for such a role. But his career for the better part of the past two decades has been in a mostly funk where he almost always lazily falls back on an Al Pacino caricature rather than seeing it the whole way through- again with a few exceptions. It's especially aggravating when one knows he's better than this. He gets rewarded for the schtick in Scent of a Woman and rather than letting it go a moving onward developing more. He goes back to the same stone, squeezing every last drop of blood from it. I shudder to think of that kind of performance sullying King Lear later.

    Maybe he's lost his passion or maybe he's burned out. Maybe he doesn't often work with people that challenge him as much anymore. Whatever the reason, I go into this aware that once he takes the Nestea plunge back into his usual raspy screaming and ranting that have become an expected staple of his performances now regardless the part. If he does that, the story will be lost. But if he's inspired to reach into accuracy over recent exception perhaps we'll better enjoy a glimpse of the Pacino of old.

  • brite

    As you stated, there are some exceptions to the dross Pacino's been calling in for the last little while...his Shylock in Merchant of Venice comes to mind.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Come now, bleujayone. Yes, he gets VERY YELLY and it's easy to say it's all over, but he's not making Meet the Fockers and he is still trying to choose interesting projects. You can't fault the guy for the occasional paycheque role or for wanting to be seen. He is an actor. No one maintains their edge forever; moreover, he was recently fantastic in Merchant of Venice, You Don't Know Jack, and Angels in America. He's a Shakespeare nut, so I'm willing to bet his Lear will be at the very least extremely interesting, while also giving him the chance to howl, as it were.

    Hey, did you see I Know It Was You about John Cazale? I can't recommend it highly enough.

  • koko temur

    FINALLY, someone who doesnt go gaga over madmen!

  • John G.

    Let me guess, you're an American Horror Story fan.

  • koko temur

    yes, because if i dont like what you like, my taste MUST be awful. you can just dislike mad men for good reasons, you know.

  • John G.

    As long as you recognize that American Horror Story is awful, I don't care what else you like or don't like.

  • Mrs. Julien

    You don't enjoy beautiful soap operas about ennui?

  • Fabius_Maximus

    It's "Ronan", not "Ronin".

  • BendinIntheWind

    I know nothing about The Host, but that white-suited picture is my new favorite thing on the planet. It looks like a Glee interpretation of "Love is a Battlefield" and she's 80s-dance-fighting her way through this group of weirdos (who in my mind are also wearing cardboard 3D glasses) to get to John Cusack.

  • lowercase_ryan

    If that Tambor doesn't employ some one-armed man hijinks in that Spector trial I may be done with HBO forever.

  • Puddin

    Boy, the costume and hair department really don't like Elizabeth Moss, do they? She's so cute, and her costumes are so not.

  • John G.

    XENU thinks she's pretty.

  • BWeaves

    But that was THE look back then (says the person who personally wore that outfit and hairstyle at the time, cough, cough, I thought I looked hot at the time).

  • Mrs. Julien

    We all thought we looked hot at the time. Hindsight is cruel.

  • Skyler Durden is not logged in

    WOW Michael Douglas! It's uncanny.

    Too bad most people these probably don't know who Liberace even was.

    I am not that old, but I clearly remember hoards of women dropping their panties in ecstacy for this guy, completely oblivious to the fact that he way gayer than Dan Savage in a leather thong riding a rainbow unicorn in a pride parade.

  • Maguita NYC

    Al Pacino, I had lost faith in his talent for a while there. But after watching "You Don't Know Jack", playing Jack Kevorkian, Al was back to genius. Borderline crazy, but genius nonetheless.

    I am willing to give this Phil Spector movie a shot. The problem: How do you differentiate the Pacino bonkers from the Spector paroxysm and madness?

    And of course, her Greatness, the fantastically magnificent Ms. Helen Mirren.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    I love Legolas and Bard together. It's like one is a prissy, high-cheekboned motherfucker, and the other one is LEGOLAS. /Craig Ferguson moment

  • Natallica

    That said, team Bard all the way

  • foolsage

    Arrow! Black arrow! I have saved you to the last. You have never failed me and I have always recovered you. I had you from my father and he from of old. If ever you came from the forges of the true king under the Mountain, go now and speed well!

  • shake

    Hey, I liked the The Host as well...DON'T YA'LL JUDGE ME!

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