Let's Play Mad Libs! | Casting News for "Killer Elite"
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Let's Play Mad Libs!

By Adam Lyon | Trade News | May 10, 2010 | Comments ()


Remember that old car trip game "Mad Libs"? Where you put in the nouns and verbs to create a potentially wacky sentence? Well, instead of giving you this story straight, we're going to play a little casting news "Mad Libs" and I think you'll like the result.

Here's the synopsis for first time director Gary McKendry's Killer Elite

(Actor) will play a field operative who works with an elite group that protects the families of fellow SAS Agents. (Badass) plays a former Navy SEAL who leads a team of assassins in pursuit. (Legend) has been approached to play (Badass)'s mentor who is being used against him. It will also feature the attractive (Actress).

So that sounds like a typical military thriller. Maybe it's not something the Pajibans will drool over until I punch in a few names. Let's do that.

Actor: Clive Owen. OK. I like where this is going. The man is good looking and knows how to kick some butt.

It gets better.

Legend: Robert DeNiro. Nice! The man knows his way around a thriller and maybe he's got another good performance left in him.

Actress: Yvonne Strahovski. Yes, Nerds. Stunningly beautifully and should be in every movie. Don't go to your bunks yet, it gets even better.

Badass: JASON STATHAM. He'll be leading a team of assassins who don't even care that he's a former Navy SEAL with a British accent. They're too busy watching him wreck everyone. And maybe they're a little smitten.

Hell of a casting director on this one. Are we sure they aren't Pajiban? Could you guys even do better? Give it a shot in the comments.

(The Press Herald)

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