Lauren Holly Cast in a New Lifetime Movie

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | May 7, 2009 |

Let's see how I did.

The plot, based on an Ann Rule book: The movie "centers on Jenn and Bobby Corbin (Lowe), who seem to have the perfect marriage until Jenn discovers Bobby's affair with a co-worker and hooks up with a mystery man on the Internet. When she is found dead in an apparent suicide, her sister Heather (Holly) sets out to investigate what she believes was a murder, with Bobby and the online suitor the main suspects."

Hmmm. Adultery and possibly stalking. That's disappointing. Lifetime Network, you're losing your way.

But remember Lauren Holly back in her ridiculous red-headed hotness heyday? Before the atrocious plastic surgery. Here she is now:


And here she is back in the day:


You know who looks like a younger Lauren Holly? Christina Hendricks. Which brings me to this, our segue to one of the greatest Internet sites ever created in the history of red-headed mankind (and you'll have to excuse me, ladies -- I provide enough shirtless man abs around here, so it's only fair to present this).

Here's a taste (and yes, it is a slow news day):


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