Latest Poster for Stephen King's "Under the Dome" Is Super Manipulative and Wildly Effective
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Latest Poster for Stephen King's "Under the Dome" Is Super Manipulative and Wildly Effective

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | June 5, 2013 | Comments ()


A boy and his dog separated by the dome? THAT'S JUST MEAN. Now I have to watch because 1) it is set in Maine, 2) there's little else on in the summer, and 3) to see if that boy and his dog are reunited. Although, that kid should probably lower his hand; the dog can't reach up there, you know? Maybe the boy is disabled. OH NO. A mentally handicapped boy separated from his dog? THAT'S EVEN SADDER.


(via EW)

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  • BiblioGlow

    Better hope that dog doesn't have a pacemaker. Or a tracking device implanted in him.

  • Devin McMusters

    As a Stephen King devotee frothing at the mouth with excitement, I must keep telling myself over and over that King has given them the blessing to go whatever creative direction they want with it.....(hopefully in the direction of a better ending...)

  • ferryman

    Can't the dog dig under the dome? Does the dome extend into the ground? If so, how far? Is it like one of those hamster balls? No, I mean the clear plastic ones. How much air is in the dome? Does the dog get to watch the boy as he falls to the ground clutching his throat? Will his eyes bug out like Arnolds in Total Recall?

    Somebody should put some stickers on that dome so people don't face plant on it...

  • stardust

    It's the Jurassic Bark of posters. Screw this show already.

  • Wembley

    Do we really need a TV show about how, when cut off from society at large, a group of people will show their horrible inner selves? Everyone here is already on the internet and has seen that first hand.

  • Ringo183

    Without doing the math, judging by the curvature of the dome, it might cover a whole football field. I thought it would be bigger.

  • Lauren_Lauren

    It kiiiiiiiinda looks like the boy is giving the dog the finger. Which would be refreshing.

  • Jerce

    Now that you point this out I like it MUCH better.

  • Lauren_Lauren

    Coming this June to CBS, "Fuck You, Dog" is a biting satirical comedy about the lengths a boy will go to in order to antagonize his canine friend.

  • Batesian

    With Fuck You, Dog, Disney and CBS enter an unprecedented partnership. "Dog With a Blog is a huge hit," said Anne Sweeney, president of Disney/ABC Television Group. "We wanted to leverage that success into a franchise. Who better to partner with than the network that championed the CSI franchise juggernaut?"

    Fuck You, Dog targets an older audience. "By aging up," said Sweeney, "we explore stories that are too racy for younger kids. And the satire and wit appeals to people hungry for the next Arrested Development."

    The show focuses on the darkly humorous rivalry between the talking dog Carl (brother to Blog's star, Stan) and his owner, Patrick.

    "Patrick is the perfect foil for Carl," said David Stapf, president of CBS Television Studios. "They put each other in the worst -- but most hilarious -- situations you can imagine.

    "This talking dog idea has legs," Stapf stated, "so we're developing more spin-offs. Dogs have lots of puppies, after all."

  • Bert_McGurt

    Unmanned dome strikes in Maine? You've gone TOO FAR, Obama!

  • emmelemm

    Manipulation: highly effective.

  • NateMan

    Those FUCKERS. Parents separated from kids? Diabetics from their insulin? Clowns from their... I dunno, clowning? Fine. All fine.

    But you do not fuck with a boy and his dog! That's rule numero uno, people!!!

  • Stacey

    WELL. That didn't happen in the book.

  • Jasper Ferrer

    the boy is looking down on the dog. his hand position is fine

  • Luke Anthony Matthews

    They are toying with my emotions and god damn it, it's working!

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