The Dave Matthews GPS Navigational System

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | June 5, 2009 |

The first video comes from Jimmy Fallon's show. Mrs. Pajiba-hyphenate insists he's funny; she thinks his stuttering, rambling, and nervousness is charming. I think she has a very low threshold for charming (see, e.g., her choice of husband). But, Jimmy Fallon really is his best when he's playing guitar. This is pretty great:

Next up, here's Dave's Top Ten from last night. The Top Ten Reason's You've Hired a Bad Host for the Tony Awards. Neil Patrick Harris does the honors.

And finally, Dan was pimping this on Twitter yesterday. It's pretty great: Conan's new set is remarkably similar to Mario Brothers. Check it out. And for the hell of it, here's Conan's cold open on his very first show on "The Tonight Show."

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