Lance Bass Didn't Know N'Sync Released An Album Yesterday. You And Everybody Else, Buddy

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Lance Bass Didn't Know N'Sync Released An Album Yesterday. You And Everybody Else, Buddy

By Emily Chambers | Trade News | July 30, 2014 | Comments ()

nsync 2.jpg

Remember a little while back when I snarkily commented on Taylor Swift’s Wall Street Journal article? This is just more evidence that no one should ever take Taylor Swift seriously.

N’Sync released a “new” album yesterday, though it contains no actual new material. Instead, one of the execs at Sony Music Entertainment threw together some “rarities” and “alternate versions,” and called it a day. Actually he called it The Essential without bothering to answer, “Essential to whom?”

But don’t worry, guys, you’ll still get the radio versions of “Bye, Bye, Bye” and “It’s Gonna Be Me” that you heard everywhere in 2000. Just for fun, they added covers of party starters “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and “More Than A Feeling.” Sony also never went to the trouble of informing N’Sync’s members that they were releasing the album.

See, recording industry, this is why we don’t like you anymore. You can’t compile some bullshit album mostly from 15 years ago, disregard the artists’ wishes, and expect that the album buying public is still going to come rushing. If you take the time and effort to nurture new talent, to set reasonable expectations concerning sophomore album sales and touring schedules, if you tapped into what people are looking to listen to online, if you actually treated musicians like people instead of commodities, your sales wouldn’t be slipping. But that’s not what you do. You treat both your producers and customers poorly, and when we don’t buy your garbage, you blame new technology. Of course no one bought this “new” album. You can’t expect that … wait, what? The Essential has already sold out on Amazon?

This is why we can’t have nice things, guys.

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  • Thank god my hair from the 90's wasn't as terrible as the above picture. *burns all photos from earlier than 2010*

  • theKelz

    I had really forgotten how much they all looked like lesbians. Lookin' good girls!

  • e jerry powell

    See, he's called Fatone for a reason: he's supposed to be the FAT ONE.

    That boy has a lovely badonkadonk and he needs to get over the skinny thing.

  • AdmiralTubington

    Sweet mercy...I know fashion changes and all, and baggy was "in" for a good period of time there in the late-90s to mid-aughts, but I refuse to believe that the One Direction boys in their Gap clothes that actually fit them are going to look as ridiculous to me in 15 years as N'Sync looks wearing those XXXXL shirts in the above photo.

  • e jerry powell

    That presumes that anyone will be looking at the One Direction boys in fifteen years in any context.

  • BWeaves

    Maybe they didn't tell the band so they wouldn't have to pay them royalties?

  • laylaness

    Thanks to Lou Pearlman, they got next to nothing for the original albums, so I'm guessing they have no royalty rights on this one. Just a money-maker for the label.

  • wonkeythemonkey

    Oh man, I'm such an N'Sync fan!

    I just love, Lance Bass, Justin Timberlake, The Other One, The One with Two Earrings, and The Fifth One!

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