Kurt Sutter to the Parents Television Council President: 'You're a Pathetic F**king Douchebag and I Bet Your Own Kids Hate You'

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Kurt Sutter to the Parents Television Council President: 'You’re a Pathetic F**king Douchebag and I Bet Your Own Kids Hate You'

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | September 24, 2013 | Comments ()


For those of you who don’t watch Sons of Anarchy, the premiere this year featured (spoiler) a school shooting, which — for Kurt Sutter, anyway — was in its own way, tasteful. The violence took place off screen. In fact, if anyone was going to take issue with the premiere episode, I’d have thought it would be with the prison rape of Sutter’s character, Otto, or the fact that Tig ended up killing a man by drowning him in a bathtub full of urine, and then peeing on him.

The school shooting seemed kind of tame, by comparison. At any rate, right-wing nutter and head of the Parents’ Television Council, Brent Bozell, naturally took issue.

After the Newtown school shooting, commentators on the Left expressed outrage that gun-rights groups were exploiting the attack to build membership in the wake of all the liberal demands for a federal crackdown on gun owners. Nine months later, they’re curiously silent as Rupert Murdoch’s cable network FX milks a fictional Catholic school shooting for commercial gain.

Bozell also complained that innocent children watch Sons of Anarchy, which doesn’t really seem like an innocent child’s cup of tea. I mean, “Phineas and Ferb at 4 in the afternoon, or Sons of Anarchy well after my bedtime?” If a kid is up late watching Sons of Anarchy, there’s probably other problems in that household worse than the kid seeing an off-screen school shooting, like the kid seeing Otta Delaney get anally raped in his prison cell, or missing school the next morning because he overslept.

Whatevs. Kurt Sutter took to his blog to respond:

Yes, I often make a fool of myself, that’s the risk one takes for being outspoken and passionate about one’s creative freedom. And no, I don’t think everyone I meet is an idiot, that wouldn’t make sense. I do however think you are an idiot and your not-for-progress organization, idiotic

Anyone with half-a-cup of brain cells can filter out the noise of your conservative bellowing and hear the truth - it’s all about your own political agenda. You are desperately trying to create a lobby that matters. But you cannot. And it fucking kills you that after all these years, you and your hate club are still flaccid and impotent. And the reasons, sir, are quite obvious. You are not very bright, your message is archaic and loving parents can innately sense that the PTC has no heart and no real interest in the betterment of children.

You reek of McCarthyism and holy water. And right-minded folks can smell you coming a mile away …

And just so you have something to quote from this, to work up the four other members, tell them that the tattoo-covered, liberal freak who writes that baby-killing, urine dunking show, said this: “You’re a pathetic fucking douchebag and I bet your own kids fucking hate you

He’s such a wordsmith, that Sutter.

(Source: WhoSay via Wonkette)

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