Klaatu Verata Nicto! Red Band Trailers Are Proof That God Loves Us And Wants Us To Be Happy

By Jodi Smith | Industry | January 4, 2013 | Comments ()

By Jodi Smith | Industry | January 4, 2013 |

Ohhhh, kids. I have got a motherf*cking treat for you today. Evil Dead red band trailer is here. It is glorious. GLORIOUS. Listen. I don't know who is supposed to be who in this remake and I don't care (the adorable chick from "Suburbia" -- DR). The original Evil Dead is a low-budget, The Chin-filled, gore-spewing classic. It looks like the remake got a bigger budget and decided to spend it on gore, gore, and then some more gore.

I approve! I cannot wait until April 12th.

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