Kim Kardashian "Sums Up Everything That Is Wrong with Society," Says Woman Without Her Own Reality Show

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Kim Kardashian "Sums Up Everything That Is Wrong with Society," Says Woman Without Her Own Reality Show

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | June 20, 2012 | Comments ()


Over in England, the headmistress of an all girls boarding school, Dr. Helen Wright, will give a speech at an education conference this week in which she identifies Kim Kardashian -- named hottest woman on the planet by Zoo Magazine -- as representative of all that is wrong with Western Civilization:

"It is not too strong a statement, I venture to suggest, to say that almost everything that is wrong with Western society today can be summed up in that one symbolic photo of Miss Kim Kardashian on the front of Zoo magazine.

"The descent of Western civilisation can practically be read into every curve (of which, you will note, there are indeed many). Officially the hottest woman in the world? Really? Is this what we want our young people to aim for? Is this what success should mean to them?" Dr. Wright will say.

Low blow, Dr. Wright. Why doesn't Wright pick on someone of her own intellectual capacity? I'm all for taking a stand against superficiality, but Wright has a lot of nerve mocking the mentally handicapped. We should be celebrating Kim Kardashian! How many people do you know have managed to overcome severe mental deficiencies to become thought of as "the hottest woman in the world"? Paris Hilton? Maybe Olivia Munn? They've defeated the odds, turning their stupidity into a commodity! These so-called "f---ing idiots," as Jon Hamm has termed them, have not allowed their intellectual limitations to stop them from achieving the American dream! Kim Kardashian has succeeded despite a limited number of brain cells and a practically empty headspace! I say, good for her!

Besides, why are we even listening to Dr. Wright? What are her credentials? What are her measurements? What reality show is she on? Maybe if Dr. Wright made a sex tape with a super famous athlete, we'd start listening. Until then, maybe Dr. Wright should stick to what she knows best: Educating young girls and turning them into doctors and lawyers and other professional losers who make a tiny fraction of what Kim Kardashian makes each year.

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  • Guest

    I become horny to watch the photo of Kim Kardashian. She is looking very horny in the black bikini. Wish i will play with her large lusty boobs.

  • dru_down

    The hottest woman in the world? She is average at best- particularly considering she is a product of plastic surgery. Google "Kim before and after" and, well, the only other person that changed color like that was Jacko. If one were to take a tour of the sororities at, say, University of Arizona or the University of Texas, nobody would contend that Kim is even in the top ten hottest girls on campus- much less the world.

    As for her detractor, I wouldn't necessarily agree Kim is the harbinger of our collective downfall, but she is emblematic of how modern pop culture force feeds fabricated celebs whose only claim to fame is doing a low renter porn shoot.

    "We pass for what we are." - Emerson

  • that's some misguided low hanging fruit.

    on the one hand you have a dilettante who seeks fame and attention--doesn't seem so weird. and her audience, people who think she is pretty or represents some glamourous day dream for a few minutes on a busy day, a distraction, some other people who think she is hot, and yet another group of people who feel smug and superior for sneering. none of it with any consequence, none of it new, none of it unusual. and contrary to popular opinion, not proof that our brains have fallen out our bums.

    On the other hand, you have an educator, an elderstateswoman of knowledge and wisdom, entrusted to shape our young, possibly an influential authority to her students. Deciding what is worst in a world with resource shortages and the accompanying wars for them, with decaying democracy and unheard of concentrations of wealth, with environmental degradation, nuclear meltdowns, climate change, overpopulation, in a world that is more than anything a disaster of cascading crises, she tells her students that young attractive women who want attention and perhaps the anxious masses needing a bit of respite from a hectic problematic complicated world who buy a magazine because she is on the cover are everything that is wrong with the world.

    I think you may have shot at the wrong easy target.

  • JQ


  • logan

    i know... but i'd still like to have sex with her once.

  • No. Deny. Lalalalalala.

  • First, the Readers of Zoo are obviously the fucking idiots here. Not a single one of the multitude of Kardashia, including their apparent leader, is especially attractive.

    Second, Dr Wright picked a losing fight. Ignore the recently from the trees, knuckle dragging, celebrity worshipping masses, madam. Point your students to the hotness of brain (and not bad on the eyes, either) of Professor Alice Roberts and Professor Brian Cox.

  • Becca Eberman

    As a size DD who spend the majority of middle school and most of high school wearing over-sized sweatshirts in fear of being judged as that very, "reality TV star retard" that you're talking about, I'm inclined to agree with Dr. Wright. In all honesty though, every generation has it's trash, you just have to learn to sort through it and get to the good stuff.

  • dahlia6

    I always thought her head would make a nice birdhouse for some poor displaced spotted owl. I like owls.

  • I can't be the only one who is completely grossed out by the fact that there's something out there called "Zoo Magazine" which features scantily clad women on the cover, right? Because I am seriously skeeved out right now.

  • Dearest Figgy, you are obviously not aware of the "Lad mag" phenomenon. Not that you're missing anything, but it is a blight upon my nation, the UK and NZ.

  • hapl0

    How many people do you know have managed to overcome severe mental deficiencies to become thought of as “the hottest woman in the world”? Paris Hilton? Maybe Olivia Munn?

    Now, I can clap like this guy:

  • Fredo

    It's so easy to make fun of the Kardashians that I'm just not going to. I'm just going to slightly disagree with Dr. Wright's position. After all, Kim Kardashian is hardly the first "famous" person exclusively because of her physical attributes.

    As for her ascendancy marking the end of Western Civ, I doubt it. People have always looked for the fast way to the top -- whether that was robbery, theater or reality TV. I'm more concerned with the willingness of people to buy her act. That is a worry because it's indicative of the fragmentation of the truth that has become so pervasive in our society -- whether it's social, cultural, political, economical or trivial issues.

  • kirbyjay

    Good Lord! You could mount those things on a submarine and they would take down ships.

  • Your Daddy

    Why isn't KK old news yet? She hasn't done anything in the first place can we let her fame die already?

  • Pants-are-a-must

    I'm guessing it's utterly naive of me to hope that with the strengthening of the reality tv fatigue, the Kardashians would fade away with it, right? I mean, it happened to Paris Hilton already.

  • L.O.V.E.

    On another note, Kim looks like she is a few collagen injections and births away from being mistaken for Octomom.

  • NateMan

    Holy crap, you're absolutely right.

  • ,

    In these dark times, I comfort myself with the knowledge that somehow 300 million Americans are able to completely ignore the Kardashian TV "empire."

  • ,

    "Paris Hilton? Maybe Olivia Munn?"


  • L.O.V.E.

    Dustin, that's all fine and good, but your post is incomplete. The story you link to at least has a picture of the professor next to KK. You mock Kim, but you get page hits off her tits.

    Do YOU think that "everything that is wrong with Western society today can be summed up in
    that one symbolic photo of Miss Kim Kardashian on the front of Zoo magazine"?

    In all due respect to the doctor, she is fucking wrong. A picture of a woman with big boobs is not symbolic of everything wrong with our society. Nor is it that KK turned a big butt and a porn tape into a career.

    Everything that is wrong with our Society could be summed up with a photo of Kim's MOM. Selling out her children, their personal life, and their bodies for fame and fortune ... that is what's fucked up.

  • hell, what about photo's of oil derricks, melting ice caps, wall street, african child soldiers, etc. etc.

    there is nothing, NOTHING new about people feeling captivated by beauty, celebrity, wealth, etc. There's nothing new about people craving it either. The lady giving that speech was demonstrating to her students that she has a tenuous at best understanding of the world if the medias passing fancy with some celebrity is the worst thing she can find about the world. i find the headmistress, who has responsibilities to educate her students more pathetic than some young lady who likes attention. there really are much much bigger fish to fry. People need a bit of bread and circuses, they don't need their educators failing them.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Right. It was a headline grab instead of actually dealing with the issues that negatively impact her students the most.

  • space_oddity


  • $27019454

    Oh sure. Blame the parents. (Heavy sarcasm here as I actually agree to a degree. This whole parenting gig is fucking huge and it is the reason why I am a MESS. Just a constant, nail-biting mess who drinks on the sly.).

  • pissant

    Using sarcasm to call Kim Kardashian mentally handicapped is lazy, easy, and above all just kinda mean. This and that Danica McKellar post a week or so back have a strange tone that I'm not used to seeing on this site. Slow news day or something?

  • dru_down

    She is simpleton and her show is chewing gum for the eyes.

  • Heather

    So I read this headline and totally thought I'd see Kardashian waxing about whats wrong with the world, and that it would be hilarious... sigh.

  • Jezzer

    If it makes you feel any better, Oprah's recent interview with the Kardashians set a new high in her ratings. Oh wait, I meant "worse." My bad.

  • Muhnah_Muhnah

    Oh man, when it comes to this topic, I just can't even make coherent sentences. I simply sigh, go make a cup of tea and call my parents to thank them for raising me to believe that I'm not just a pair of tits.

  • Fredo

    And I want to thank your parents for including the tits in the Deluxe "Give Her Everything" package.

  • NateMan

    I firmly believe that this lust for celebrity rather than achievement shows we've reached the end of democratic success. In the bad old days people were celebrated for being part of the aristocracy, by what their ancestors accomplished, rather than anything they did themselves. Petty nobles gambled, whored, and pissed away fortunes while the lower classes worked themselves to death. There were the Have's and the Have-Not's, and Jefferson, Washington, Franklin and the rest tried to do away with that. It was a grand experiment that survived several hundred years, but look at where we are now. Even a couple generations back much of the American aristocracy were contributing members of society, even if they were assholes. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Turner, Hughes, Rockefeller... These people and families accomplished things, even if they did so by crushing opposition. Now, we've got all the crushing without any of the accomplishments.

    I really can't help but believe there's a large chunk of the human species that WANTS to be subjugated. The Kardashians and their ilk are our new nobles.

    Man... reading back over that, maybe it's time to invest in a tin-foil hat. I appear to have gone off the deep end.

  • Green Lantern

    This is similar to a discussion I had with my dad over a Father's Day chat. I think you're on to something there.

  • Sandrine

    I really can't help but believe there's a large chunk of the human species that WANTS to be subjugated. The Kardashians and their ilk are our new nobles.

    So you agree with this?
    Kneel before me. I said... KNEEL! Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It's the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble for power. For identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel.

    OMG! Call the Avengers, I've found Loki!

  • Guest

    Dear Sandrine:

    Loki is a copycat, and a poor one at that.


  • Guest

    I really can't help but believe there's a large chunk of the human species that WANTS to be subjugated.

    Edmund Burke would agree with you. That's a pretty common theory, old as time, and one that's understandably VERY unpopular in liberal democratic societies.

  • Slash

    Few men desire freedom, the greater part desire just masters.
    Sallust (Roman, from back in the B.C.'s.)

    RE the Kardashians: my contempt for them has been entered into the record. Other than that, I'm annoyed only by their ubiquity. I don't really care that some women apparently want to copy them. People are stupid. They idolize all kinds of idiots. If it wasn't the Whore Family, it'd be those New Jersey idiots or Britney Spears or those godawful housewives skeevs.

    Does it depress me a little, as a vagina bearer? Yeah. But you can't make people value things they don't care about. From many women's perspective, being "attractive" (or at least sexually available) is a lot less work than actual work. They think women who work their asses off in some cruddy job instead of finding a sugar daddy to pay for them are the stupid ones.

  • it's a hard pill to swallow with freedom and tolerance--there will be lots of people whose choices seem like a waste of living. maybe neither of the two types you describe are stupid, but each doing what suits them best. maybe they are both stuck.

  • ,

    Freedom? Nah. I was just having you on. It's crucifixion for me.

  • NateMan

    I think they also hurt the women's rights arguments that we shouldn't even be having any more. Abortion rights, access to contraception, etc. When you look at these women who are held up in the spotlight it's no wonder the GOP doesn't want them to have control over their own bodies, in addition to the Right's distaste for reproductive issues in general; Kim Kardashian shouldn't be in charge of a poodle, let alone a vagina.

  • that's a bit harsh dude. i prefer my feminism, or perhaps humanism, to let people be free and equal to choose as they wish, including either being an apparently dippy celebrity or idolizing one.

    and yes it ends up making it glaringly obvious that as a whole, we are maybe a bit shabby of a species.

  • NateMan

    I can see why. And that's as a pretty damn liberal guy. It's hard to want people to be able to make their own choices while also knowing most of us will be so very bad at it.

  • BierceAmbrose

    Oh, for Godtopus's sake. How do you know you're the genius? Could be them. Sheer weight of numbers says it is "them" - someone out there doing badly says you, is in fact a genius you're too dim to recognize.

    The problem is *finding* the Ghandi, Christ, Buddha, De Sade. Being on the average pretty close to average we mostly reject genius out of hand, being blinded by our own misguided sense of our own genius.

    Me, I'm all for other people going to hell in their own way - I might be confused about the destination, and besides, they're fun to watch.

  • Guest

    (True. Burke was liberal in many ways, but to be all stickler-like, he said that during his "conservative" phase in service to a conservative, monarchist POV--as in, we are naturally, instinctively in awe of kings and drawn to kneel and admire, etc., so stop wanting to get rid of them, ye rabble-rousing levellers!)

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