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Now this is good news. Todd Haynes (Far From Heaven, Velvet Goldmine), is set to direct a television production of James M. Cain's novel Mildred Pierce. Kate Winslet is set to play the title role. The novel, a brilliant bit of noir written in 1941, concerns a hard working mother, Mildred, and her spoiled daughter and the poor choices they both make, all of which eventually lead up to...

... well, let's not ruin it. It's a great read (as are all of Cain's works). It was already made into a film once, the 1945 flick that Joan Crawford won her only (incredibly well-deserved) Oscar for. So, clearly Winslet has her work cut out for her, but since I consider her to be one of the greatest actors of my generation, I don't think that's going to be insurmountable. It's odd that it's a TV production, although Slash Film is reporting that HBO is the lead contender, which would automatically ratchet my interest up even more. All in all, pretty spectacular news.

Interesting fun fact: Todd Haynes also directed the music video for Sonic Youth's "Disappearer" of their 1990 album Goo.

Even more fun fact: The song that follows "Disappearer" is called, of course, "Mildred Pierce."

So with that said, here's "Disappearer," just for the hell of it.

(h/t to Sean K. for the assist on this post)

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