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Breaking: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is a Shapeshifter

By Rob Payne | Trade News | March 19, 2012 | Comments ()

What could that possibly look like? Well, thanks to the trailer's premiere at WonderCon this weekend, you can check the header for one look and below for another, and with higher resolutions. The trailer will hopefully plop online in the next few weeks.



In the second, he looks a bit more like a slightly chubby Kirk Cameron than a young Willis, but overall JGL definitely looks like he could feasibly play David Addison jr. in a Moonlighting adaptation. For comparison, here's the first look at Bruce Willis from Looper, as well as from his early days in "Moonlighting."



Of course, JGL is no stranger to altering his appearance to varying degrees, though, not as dramatically as Christian Bale, or as obsessive-compulsively as Samuel L. Jackson. His performances also have a lot to do with the believable transition, but just take a gander at his last several major film roles if you don't believe that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is really a metamorph:

(500) Days of Summer




The Dark Knight Rises

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