It's Official -- My Man Crush Allegiances Have Shifted

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | November 23, 2009 | Comments ()


If I even bother to do so, I usually watch "SNL" on the DVR sometime during Sunday. Typically, a 90-minute episode takes between 20 and 35 minutes to endure, depending on the quality of the show. More often than not, you can fast forward through not just the commercials, the bad Obama impression, and the musical guest, but you can tell where a skit is going within the first 30 seconds and skip the rest of it, too.

But something unusual happened with the latest "SNL," hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt -- it was good. Damn good. As a host, JGL is one of the best in recent memory outside of Justin Timberlake, and he presented one of the best opening monologues in years. Granted, I'm no fan of musicals, nor of Singing in the Rain, but goddamn: JGL killed it. Not just with his voice (which was just OK), but those moves. Those goddamn moves, complete with off-the-wall back flips and some of the best physical comedy ever witnessed on "SNL." Just flat-out incredible, all the more impressive because it was live.

Do yourself a favor and watch:

(Compare that to his awesome dance sequence in 500 Days of Summer)

Ryan Reynolds: You've just been one-upped in the man crush competition. (And R-Squared's "SNL" hosting gig was an embarrassment to Canadians, and it takes a lot to be an embarrassment to Canadians.)

And there was apparently something about JGL, too, that inspired the rest of the "SNL" staff -- they had one of their best commercials in a long time (a 2012/Sarah Palin mashup), and a Digital Short as good as anything outside of the Justin Timberlake shorts. That's the power of JGL, folks.

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