Jerry Seinfeld's Next Show Takes Tedium to a Whole New Exhilarating Level
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Jerry Seinfeld's Next Show Takes Tedium to a Whole New Exhilarating Level

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | July 12, 2012 | Comments ()


Have you folks seen much about Jerry Seinfeld's new web series, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee"? The title pretty much says it all: Jerry Seinfeld and a host of his friends jump in one of the many $200,000 cars from his classic car collection and drive to a coffee shop, where they have ... coffee. Besides the fact that I don't give a shit how obscenely wealthy old white men spend their leisurely afternoons (which is all of them), the whole premise rubs me the wrong way. It's one thing to make a show about nothing, but this is Seinfeld almost literally doing nothing and attempting to financially gain from it. Also, what kind of narcissistic asshole thinks that there's a whole universe of people that want to watch the man drive to a coffee shop with his friends.

I'll give it this much, though: At least there's no contrived drama, unless Jerry purposely dropped that coffee mug.

Here's the extended promo for the show, which begins on July 19th.

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  • 1) er, it's on the web, so I presume it's free so no-one has to watch it if they don't want to
    2) eerily similar to an idea I had, but of course I have no pull to make such a show.

  • Doc Holliday's Hat

    I don't know. The Trip was basically the same thing and I loved it. It really depends on how he and his "guests" interact...I think it could be pretty awesome.

  • Justin Kuhn

    Yeah, looks like that HBO special with him and Louie CK, Chris Rock and Ricky Gar-vaze. I watched the hell out of that and I would watch the hell out of this. Or just the regular sort of watching. That could work too.

  • Mr_Zito

    It looks pretty good. It's a talk show, that's all it is, there's nothing weird about it like you try to put in your description, there's actually more to it than a talk show, because we get some car talk and we get different scenarios... and it seems like a good talk show, in that HBO special Jerry showed he was good at talking to comedians and getting funny and insightful words from them, so that's it.

  • Pookie

    You know Rowles, I had to refresh this page three goddamn times just to get this fucking video to play, and its still not playing. Since you don’t want to give us a video that works, I’m not going to bother with reading this article. You’re really starting to take us for granted Rowles, maybe you think you’re too big for us. Maybe when you sit and talk with your rich website owner friends of yours you think the little people don't matter anymore, we matter dude, we really do.

  • Kenny G.

    I can't wait until he has Michael Richards on...

  • Leclerc

    I agree with the rich white thing, but it all seem to be a different scenario to have a conversation/interview, so...i don't get the bashing

  • hapl0

    I'd be interested if they had actually given us an entire joke instead of cutting in and out.

  • Alex Kuhn

    Actually, I would watch the shit out of this....

  • You want we should be watching Comedians in Armchairs Given Water, a la Carson, Letterman, Conan?

  • Guest

    I must admit, brilliant comics ad libbing is more up my street than late-night. Any night (or day).

  • valerie

    RELAX. He was obviously too proud to just call it coffee talk. I'm sure it's just going to be a show where you get to sit in on the conversations comedians have, sorta like Dinner for Five ...that Jon Favreu show from way back when. It might still be terrible, but fly on the wall stuff can be fun. And hey, its not the marriage ref...

  • ed newman

    and attempting to financially gain from it

    With the money that Jerry has you really believe that he is doing a web series for the money. He makes more from one day's syndicating rights than he can reasonably expect to make from this show ever.

    He has his reasons, but money isn't one of them.

  • Patrick Garcia

    Agreed. Maybe he wants to apologize for making "The Marriage Ref".

    "You've finally made a show about nothing"

    This looks damn good tho

  • SugarSmak

    I would totally discount this if I didn't catch a glimpse of Brian Regan in that promo. That man is hilarious (and I'm going to see him tomorrow!)

  • Bert_McGurt

    That is one ratty $200,000 VW Microbus in that header pic.

  • Kip Hackman

    Gervais? I'm in.

  • miley's virus

    I'm waiting for the sequel " Comedians stopping and exiting cars near bridge abutments to piss" and the third installment "Comedians taking naps after the caffine wears off".

  • "Besides the fact that I don’t give a shit how obscenely wealthy old white men spend their leisurely afternoons..."

    Envy is a terrible thing. May you someday achieve that kind of wealth. Seriously. That means you probably touched peoples lives in some meaningful way; Jerry's show is a cultural touchstone that millions reference daily. Don't worry though, Dustin; you're not a dick.

    Also: You also forgot the adjective "funny" after the word "wealthy". While I don't disagree this pet project seems lazy, perhaps Jerry is getting some test footage to down to compete for a late night slot someday. No idea. But he's paying for it, he's hiring cameramen, he's putting it together. Good on him.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Well put. Besides, who cares about seeing people talk between Two Ferns? It's just off the cuff riffing.

    At least he's not crowdsourcing.

  • Whaaaaaat is wiiiiiiiith this new web seriiiiiiies?

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