Jason Biggs Goes On an Ugly, Misogynistic Twitter Rant

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Jason Biggs's Ugly Twitter Rant Reveals That He's Kind of a Sh*tty Guy

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | January 8, 2014 | Comments ()


Jason Biggs always seems so mild-mannered, vanilla, and inoffensive on television and in the movies, and it’s hard not to think of the real-life person in the same way. But in reality, he’s kind of … well, more interesting (though not always in positive ways). He’s kind of crude, and not just because he lampooned the Time magazine breastfeeding cover by sucking on his wife’s breasts, and not just because his wife wrote openly about buying him a prostitute, you know, for play, which is … whatever. To each his own … different strokes, what people do in their bedroom … he actually does seem to have a really strong marriage to his wife, with whom he’s having a child, based on the essays that she’s written about their relationship.

Separately, Biggs also has an obsession with tweeting about The Bachelor. Why? I have no idea. But he does, which is fine and OK, whatever, but this week, Biggs — well, you know that thing you do where you up the stakes on your commentary to get more followers and … maybe you think you’re being funny, but you’re really kind of embarrassing yourself, and well, Biggs is kind of an asshole.

Just look, you’ll see what I mean.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 6.08.46 AM.png

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 6.08.41 AM.png

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 6.08.33 AM.png

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 6.08.26 AM.png

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 6.21.16 AM.png

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 6.21.24 AM.png

Michael Ian Black was so taken back, that he “unfollowed” Biggs.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 6.08.17 AM.png

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 6.08.10 AM.png

As Crushable notes, there’s a possibility Michael Ian Black’s participation was a rouse to promote The Bachelor parody, Burning Love, but I don’t think so. But I also don’t think that Michael Ian Black was being sincere (the two are likely friends, owing to the fact that Biggs starred in Wedding Daze, a movie that Ian Black wrote and directed in 2006). Whether Ian Black was legitimately offended or not, however, doesn’t really change the content of the previous tweets, which were pretty awful (and many other followers of Biggs’ did unfollow.

via Crushable

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    Him and his wife are utterly disgusting.

  • Keith Elliot

    I love how people openly support free speech but are so quick to tell people to shut-up when "offended." Unfollow him on twitter. Don't watch women on the Bachelor embarrass themselves. But also don't tell people they don't have the right to partake in those things.

  • TK

    It what crazy-ass universe is telling someone to shut up a violation of their free speech? Do you even understand how America works?

  • Keith Elliot

    Yeah, denying people expression of freedoms doesn't violate anything. You got me.

  • God Of Bal-Sagoth

    How is that denying him anything? Telling him to shut up denies him nothing. Just like if I told you to shut up, you're rights are intact and have not been violated. It's expressing an opinion, not violating someone's rights.

    Example: You are a dumbass and I wish you would shut up.

    Now, let's discuss how that affected your rights as a free citizen of this great country. What's that? Oh, right, it didn't at all.

  • Keith Elliot

    Wow, name calling. Strong argument. Most of the posts below are calling Biggs a misogynist, denouncing his right to joking on Twitter. That is interference and slander. Both violate his freedom of expression rights. Done. Period. Ended.

  • TK

    Late to the party here but... you're simply incorrect, sir. You know how you can tell that his freedom of expression has not been violated? He's still on Twitter, and is still actively tweeting. His rights and freedoms have in no way been violated, interrupted, or abrogated.

    Just because people WANT him to stop talking does not mean that he has to stop talking. He is still free to express himself in whatever way he chooses. Therefore, his freedom of expression has not been impeded in any way, shape or form. He is under no requirement to pay attention to the random comments of a group of people in an internet comment section. No adverse legal action has been taken. His rights remain intact, he can literally still think, say, and write whatever he wants.

    It's that simple.

  • DarthCorleone

    I love how no matter how many times we go over it, people still fail to parse the right to "free speech" as allowed by our government and the personal right to express disapproval of any given speech and discourage its use in our society.

  • Keith Elliot

    Huh? I think you're trying to argue there's a difference between the First Amendment and personal governance, but not following. I'll clarify my comment that Biggs is a comedian and is trying to get a rise out of people. Not paying attention to him (and his freedom of "expression") best remedy.

  • DarthCorleone

    Not "trying" to argue - I did argue it. You're the one that brought up the First Amendment as if it's relevant in the conversation. Supporting free speech and openly disagreeing with speech that I think holds us back as a society are not mutually exclusive. No one ever said Biggs didn't have a "right." Your original post implied that there is some sort of hypocrisy that just isn't there.

  • csmithwr

    Okay. Michael Ian Black just had this game with Marc Maron a few months back. How do people take this stuff seriously? I guess this is the ecology of celebrity. They're drawn to put together these fake personas, even to the extent of faking controversy to get attention (which I have no problem with--art is neither truth or lie). The audience, meanwhile, is compelled to believe it. It provides an escape from reality. Celebrities are paid to help us detach. But if it's too obvious, or they push it too far and upset the fantasy, we roast them alive online and disinvest in their celebrity--their public persona, the part of their job they have to take home with them.

    Jason Biggs is being intentionally crude. I'm not one for misogyny. It's embarrassingly transparent self-aggrandizement (from a man: I'm a man and am better than women; and from a woman: I was raised to hate women, so I'm aligned with the shitty men who programmed me in hating women, therefore I'm one of the good ones [lotsa crazy ego noise going on here--thanks a lot, patriarchy. Real classy.,,]). But this seems like an attempt to ruffle a few feathers. Not in good taste, but why should tweets all be in good taste?

    I don't know what point I'm trying to make. This is society's resonse to performer behavior--necessary action in the symbiosis between public and performer. Same for Biggs.

    Okay, here's a point. I just found this lying at my feet. I picked it up, read it in the empty street of my Thursday morning mind, and decided it was my point. Is it that people legitimately aren't aware that this stuff is artificial? Or that the people who benefit from this resource the most, who use it the most (as people who need more iron will seek more iron in their diests--as above, so below), prefer not to look at the fantasy too closely?

    The second seems likely. We all live under the delusions we live under becaust the lie offers us something we benefit from (because to throw one off is to claim at least one new), and in order to sustain the delusion that makes the benefit possible, we can't question the belief too closely.

    HOLY SHIT I just accidentally solved religion. And all because of Jason Biggs, Michael Ian Black, and Dustin Rowles.

  • Molly Spurgeon

    Not trying to be "that" girl, but he's one I can actually attest to having met/spent time with. He's funny as hell, and way more sharp-tongued than I expected. Also one of the nicest, most engaging-with-his-fans, down to earth celeb-types I've ever met. I think this is reminiscent of Bob Saget 10 years ago -- he's trying to shock and show everyone he can be dark-funny after being typecast. I wouldn't take this personally or get too upset.

  • WillSmithSpreadsAids

    They knew what they were doing. Biggs just earned a lil mo respect which is a step-up from the bumbling Hebe Kikeberger I assumed he was playing as himself in movies.

  • Phoenix Foundation

    Did you change the title of this article?

  • AntonieNow

    Just an aside, you don't 'buy a prostitute', you don't get to keep them, you buy the services of a sex worker. I'm pretty sure that across the board, sex workers hate this sort of description.

  • Chicken Lips

    Since it started with the "horse teeth" comment, I actually couldn't figure out what the big deal was. Then I kept reading - I don't watch that show so I didn't understand most of it, but he seems to be a douche that's trying to get a rise out of people. Obviously it worked.
    Out of all of this - I will start thinking of things that anyone with "horse teeth" can display on their teeth because that was pretty funny. I'm just assuming he meant they have gigantic teeth since I don't watch.

  • Guy that's best known for fucking a dessert decides to criticize women for degrading themselves on television.


  • milkman of doom

    I think the overwhelming majority of women (AND men) who go on "The Bachelor" are shallow fame-whores who are absolutely NOT looking for love/marriage/a soulmate. Does this not open them up to a little criticism, even if it is crude and shallow?

    When I had a girlfriend who made me watch with her, the only way I could get through it was to hate watch. Jenny Mollen, Kelly Oxford, and Bill Simmons' wife are just a few of the Twitter-famous women who seem to also hate-watch the show, and say catty things about the contestants. They slut-shame them every season. Why do these women get a pass and not Biggs?

    Didn't watch last night, but I am guessing Biggs is probably right that some of those women are "complete fucking disasters." He may have crossed the line a bit, but "misogynist" is also a bit much.

    His worst offense was not being funny.

  • AngelenoEwok

    He also called Fiona Apple the c word on twitter a while back.

  • Tom

    Where did I read something about this kind of article? I feel like it wasn't that long ago...oh yeah that's right!


  • jon29


  • JustOP

    Probably the least useful usage of the term 'misogyny' posted on this website, and that is saying something.

  • Andrew J

    This is what happens when you make people think they are funny just by being crude... It's bob saget all over again

  • Yossarian

    I'm a little surprised to see how many comments are objecting to the fact that Dustin called out Jason Biggs for his shitty tweets.

    Are the things Jason Biggs said perfectly fine?

    Is it ok to use a public forum like twitter to make cruel disparaging remarks about random women's looks?

    Does their being on a reality tv show suddenly make it ok?

    Do those of you who think being on a reality tv show makes it ok see no connection between directing remarks like this at people on reality tv, or magazine covers, or tv in general, or film, or anywhere online where there is a comment forum inviting people to judgement, or even out in public- I mean, these ugly bitches leave the house like that isn't it fair game for us to criticize them? if they didn't want criticism they should be less ugly.

    Or do you just have a problem with the M-word? How dare he accuse Jason Biggs of hating women? All Jason Biggs did was try to impress his twitter followers by objectifying and insulting women he deemed not pretty enough to be on his tv. Maybe he just hates ugly women?

    Or are you just so tired of hearing about it. God, Dustin do we have to stop and pay attention every time a famous person uses a public forum to launch a series of unprovoked and startlingly cruel "jokes" insulting women's appearances? I thought this was a movie site. It's not our job to police sexism and misogyny. Let someone else deal with it.

  • JustOP

    I'll give you sexist, but he wasn't being misogynistic. Where exactly did he say these women 'weren't pretty enough to be on TV' - or are you just putting words into his mouth, in order to confine to the narrative you've formed in your skull.

    Sometimes comedy is cruel. Sometimes jokes are nasty - whilst also being funny. And yes, it would be nice if every time someone makes unprovoked jokes (unprovoked jokes? seriously? how often do you go around 'provoking' jokes? in their very nature they're usually spontaneous) on twitter there wasn't a group of people ready with pitchforks or complain how what they're saying is 'problematic'.

    Jason Biggs doesn't make any grand sweepings offensive claims about women, nor does he indicate that he hates them or holds women in ill-view, nor can we infer that he mistreats them given his good relationship with his wife. Jason Biggs insulted a group of people who happened to be women by pointing out (in his opinion) their unpleasant characteristics.

    Is it shallow? Yes. Is it sorta mean? Yes. Is it funny? Debatable. But is it misogynistic? No - some of them were sorta sexist, but they were NOT misogynistic.

    There's no problem with this website trying to tackle important issues, but there is one when it gets it wrong. Especially when it's reducing things like 'misogyny' to an almost buzzword like status.

  • Yossarian

    Wasn't the whole point that these female contestants on the bachelor were not physically attractive enough to be on the bachelor? That the poor dude was going to have to "hate fuck" them but certainly not form a connection with any of them as people, and he's clearly putting forth an effort to mask his distaste for all these ugly women he's been subjected to by the producers.

    Was there something wrong with my conclusion that according to Jason Biggs these women aren't attractive enough to be on tv. Was I being uncharitable there?

    Sometimes comedy is cruel. Sometimes real life is cruel. Sometimes people see nothing wrong with commenting on the teeth and appearance and breasts and special needs family members of complete strangers, because they think it's funny to do so.

    And sometimes, not always but sometimes, when they do it loudly and indelicately enough and in front of enough people, sometimes there is criticism. Sometimes the criticism is a little harsh. Sometimes it may even be (gasp) cruel. (I would argue not in this case, but sometimes).

    Is Jason Biggs the worst person in the world? No. Is he a Super Misogynist going out of his way to put down women at every opportunity? No, probably not. But has this warped fucked up culture and his own pathetic privilege and entitlement convinced him that sitting at home on a Tuesday night firing off missives to the internet about all these ugly big-toothed bitches on his tv screen and why can't Juan Pablo get a pretty one for fucks sake is a perfectly acceptable way to promote his career and opinions in a public forum? That happened. And it's deserving of criticism.

    I mean, if Jason Biggs can tweet about how unattractive these soon-to-be-hate-fucked contestants are then surly Dustin can blog about what an ugly, misogynistic twit he is.

  • JustOP

    He didn't say these women were too ugly to be on television. He said these women are ugly, and that the 'bachelor' is hiding his distaste for the women. Nowhere did he say these women are too ugly for his television or to be on the bachelor - that is your comment, that you are inferring.

    Yes, your paragraph pretty much points out that comedy is subjective and some people find things funny that others don't, and that some people find things funny that other people find unacceptable - much like my original paragraph. Congratulations.

    No one has an issue with criticism as long as it's validated. Sure, his jokes were in bad taste - but misogynistic? Please.

    Sorry, but that whole last bit is just dumb. It's not 'his privilege' that allows him to say these things because *gasp* anybody can write anything on twitter. And the culture aspect - what? I'm pretty sure that the backlash he has recieved is evidence enough that the 'culture' he is apart of proves that it is multifaceted in what it believes is 'correct' and 'incorrect'.

    I'm not interested in telling people what they can and cannot write. I'm interested in what they're saying and whether it holds any merit. The accusation of misogynist does not.

  • Yossarian

    Ok, so you balk at applying the M-word to J-Biggs and, yes, technically he never said that just because these ugly women were a clearly too unattractive to be desirable relationship material for Juan Pablo that doesn't preclude them from showing up on some other show and being spared the judgemental ire of Mr. Biggs. Fair enough. Let's simply look at what he's actually saying and determine if it holds any merit.

    ::re-reads tweets::

    Yeah, I got nothing. No merit. I do, however, think that it is caused by and and representative of certain negative aspects in our culture that shall remain nameless. I find it interesting that a 35 year old actor who's job depends on being seen as likable and being accepted by the general public, who is maybe best known for juvenile sex comedies but currently is employed by one of the more progressive and feminist television series I know of (Orange Is The New Black) assumed that people would find this kind of thing funny, and not off-putting or disgusting or offensive.

    I think a lot of that has to do with his assumption that these demeaning comments about women are perfectly acceptable observations that people will like and agree with. And I think that has a lot to do with his understanding of what is and is not acceptable and appreciated by our culture. Which, in turn has a lot to do with how fucked up our culture is that these things are so often reinforced and applauded instead of criticized and challenged, and that Jason Biggs has lived 35 years and made millions in the entertainment industry and never had to learn this because our culture never really asked him to. Because it's taken for granted that ugly women can be publicly mocked and commented on and that's perfectly acceptable behavior, and we should insulate Jason Biggs from criticism because he really didn't do anything that wrong, he just told a bad joke is all, and why is everyone making such a big deal about it? It's not his fault, it's ok.

    And this is why I think the criticism of those tweets does have merit, and why we should talk about it, and why I object to all the comments that claim this kind of thing isn't worth addressing with a harshly worded blog post.

  • JustOP

    Honestly, I largely agree with your sentiments. I just don't believe he is being misogynistic. If people want to examine these comments in some other way with well backed up and logical reasoning, I'm more than okay with that!

    But for the large majority of people, these comments will be passing jokes which they'll reflect upon either with 'haha good one', or 'not funny, kinda mean'. I think these jokes would work regardless of gender - mocking teeth, weight, general ugliness is insulting to either. And the comment about boobs is more insulting towards disabled people that it is to the woman.

    Jason Biggs comments don't really tie into any larger social debate, at least in any meaningful or impactful way. The most you could say is that they are bad jokes aimed at already easy targets.

  • Yossarian

    Well then that's where we disagree. I think it does tie into larger cultural issues in a meaningful way. I don't think that judging and publicly disparaging women for their appearance (even on a reality matchmaking show that sort of invites that kind of thing) is gender-neutral. It doesn't matter if the same criticism could be applied to a man, it matters that it is so pervasive to judge women on their looks and the cumulative effects are so oppressive and toxic and here is Jason Biggs contributing to that. I think that cultural issues are inherently all tied together and complex and that makes everything meaningful and impactful. Maybe it's not fair to single Jason Biggs out, but it's also not fair to give him a free pass.

    And I think that the fact that a large number of people will see these comments as passing jokes which they'll reflect upon either with 'haha good one', or 'not funny, kinda mean' is part of the problem, and maybe the largest part and the part easiest to address. Which is why calling it out and making people think twice is so important. Because we shouldn't be desensitized to this crap, we shouldn't let is slide. We should stop and think and ask ourselves if we want this type of stuff to go unremarked on.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    In the grand scheme of things, there are more important battles than what a guy whose claim to fame is fucking baked goods says on Twitter.

  • kirbyjay

    I bet that was one good looking apple pie, since JB doesn't do uggos and hate fucking a pie would make a total mess.

  • Yossarian

    So, I'll let you define what qualifies as "important enough" to "fight a battle" over (or, to make a hasty wrist-slap of a blog post over to draw attention to what should rightfully be seen as shameful behavior.)

    Then, lets have a frank discussion about all the things that are destructive and harmful and sexist and misogynist in our culture that fail to meet your standard of "worth fighting for".

    Then we can re-asses if your standard is a good one, and if we are comfortable with your opinion that we shouldn't make a fuss over this, we should just let it be.

    Because I really don't think that ignoring it, and hoping it goes away is the right strategy to take. I think that sexism and misogyny kind of count on you doing that in order to survive.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Is Jason Biggs' comment a sweeping generalization of all women? Is it contributing to gender inequality? Or is it a stupid, sexist joke made over Twitter by a D-list celebrity? Would you care this much if a female celebrity made the same jokes about male contestants on one of these vapid reality shows? Point is, if we spent less time being outraged over shitty jokes about a subject, and more time over the actual problem represented by said, shitty joke, we'd be better off.

  • Yossarian

    Jason Biggs comments aren't made in a vacuum. They are part of a culture that has a lot of problems with gender inequality, sexism, and misogyny. Jason Biggs didn't invent these things, but he perpetuates them.

    Would I care as much if the genders were reversed? Probably not. I think it would be a stupid thing for anyone to tweet but you do understand the difference, right? That we don't already live in a world where men and women are treated the same and afforded the same privileges, and so sometimes we have to react differently in different circumstances? If not we can back up, but that's a whole other conversation.

    If you ask me, I think the real waste of time here is being outraged over the outrage. I mean, why put any effort at all into defending Jason Biggs? Are you afraid that if you let this one slide that we will over-correct and the next thing you know the world won't be safe for the edgy comedy of Dads or 2 Broke Girls?

    The actual problem represented by the shitty joke isn't that we pay women less than men for the same work or that we keep mucking about with their healthcare. The actual problem here is that not only do we have a culture that is obsessed with judging women on their appearance and contextualizing their contributions in anything with their value as sex objects but that this culture feels no shame whatsoever in publicly expressing these things. That a D-list celebrity expects retweets and slaps on the back for talking about how ugly these women's teeth are LOL. That any Youtube video with a female human being in it with more than 100 views has some idiot saying something similar about how he would or would not fuck her and why.

    That's the actual problem. This is the thing we should be willing to spend a little time being outraged by. This is bad, and the people who do this stuff should feel bad, not be insulated from criticism.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    I've thought about it a little more and I was wrong to try and tell you what is or isn't important. I apologize for that. I often get frustrated by our culture and it's obsession with reacting so much to what's said rather to why it's said, but it's not my place to tell people what they can or cannot react to.

  • Yossarian

    And I'd agree that people can overreact sometimes, too. Or get drawn into power struggles over stupid shit and make the emphasis about controlling and winning rather than correcting and improving.

    But it's almost always better to have a discussion, to engage in dialogue, and to consider different viewpoints. And I think Dustin had a very good point that shouldn't be swept aside because of... (laziness? Apathy? Outrage fatigue? I've yet to see a really good reason why we should spare Biggs from criticism)

  • Al Borland's Beard

    If Jason Biggs isn't the source of the problem, then why is that who we should go after? If you can try to solve the more important root issue that he perpetuates, wouldn't that be better time and energy spent? It brings to mind the whole Phil Robertson controversy.

    Are his idiotic comments about anuses the reason that 33 states still ban same sex marriage? Or that it even has to be defined as "same sex marriage" rather than just "marriage"? Are they the reason that 29 states can still fire you for being gay? No. The problem lies deeper than what some asshole says on Twitter or elsewhere and until we try to attack the root of those problems, people will continue to perpetuate them with crass jokes and foolish ideology. It's like you're trying to kill one ant at a time, rather than the entire colony, because how much good did shaming Phil Robertson do?

    As far as I can tell, he's still employed by A&E and just had a nice little two week vacation. On the other hand, those 33 states are still no closer to allowing same sex marriage and 29 of them will still fire you for being gay. So, what will shaming Jason Biggs do to help women? Will he not get a part in 'American Pie 12: Boner Island'? Possibly. Will women still be marginalized and judged solely on their looks? Probably.

  • Yossarian

    It's not about going after Jason Biggs, or anyone in particular. The problem is with our culture. The solution is to find examples of this toxic, sexist, misogynistic culture at work and drag them out into the light and make people think about why someone would say this, and why we should be critical of it.

    Because when we don't do that or when we make excuses for it and defend it we make it seem ok. And that just makes it all the more acceptable for a million more sexist tweets and misogynistic comments to exist. And then when a scientist posts an informational video on Youtube or reddit there are hundreds of comments debating her attractiveness, commenting on the size of her teeth or breasts, and weather or not she is fuckable, etc.

    The only way to solve the more important root issues that perpetuate this stuff is to draw attention to examples and raise awareness that this kind of thing is really distasteful and destructive and unacceptable.

    Just like when some idiot talks about how a discussion of morality should "start with homosexuality, and go on from there" and he doesn't understand how anyone could "choose" an anus over a vagina. You can't change everything overnight. You can't find one person to take the fall and then live happily ever after. What you can do is draw attention to racism, sexism, and homophobia from public figures in popular culture. Because that sends a message that shifts the culture over time and makes it easier for people to stand up and call it out in their own circles, or think twice before they say something themselves.

    It won't turn the hardcore racists and misogynists and homophobes into tolerant people, and it's not about punishing them for their thought crimes. It's about shifting the median towards something a little less shitty. Jason Biggs should know better. The fact that he doesn't means we have a long way to go. And it works, slowly, but only if we collectively make an effort and talk about these things. It doesn't help to ignore them.

  • Some Guy

    Only the Sith deal in absolutes, Dustin.

    Hating one woman does not mean you hate all women.

  • Lee


  • Sofia


  • seth


  • Gavin Smith

    Does Jason not realize that other people can see his twitter comments?

  • kirbyjay

    Kind of a shitty comment about the woman's special needs family. Could have done without that, but Jason Biggs ( the only bad part of OITNB) goofing on reality stars? I'm kind of onboard with that. We all trash the Kardashians, doesn't mean we hate women, we just hate self promoting, egotistical, soul- less, money worshipping, reality whore douches (men or women) which I'm sure most of these women are.

  • Whistler

    I feel that that special needs joke was offhanded and quite reprehensible, but he was spot-on in most others. The joke of the whoring of the poor daughter in order to bring her back to be the Bachelorette once she's grown is as accurate as painful.

  • I don't know if it's just cabin fever setting in or what, but it does seem like it's 'Mountains Out Of Molehills' week around here lately. I know it's colder than a witch's tits outside, but it still might not hurt to get out more.

  • ugh

    Ugh - remember when the comments section on Pajiba was fun?

  • Davis

    Wow the internet is determined to turn everything into a hate crime...dustin we get it you love women chill bro an this why I don't take sexism accusations seriously from bloggers.

  • ryallen

    Dustin, there's a VERY big difference between actually hating women (which your use of the word misogynistic would imply is the case here) and hating ON some vapid, superficial TV contestants who HAPPEN to be women. They're on the fucking bachelorette, what else is there to talk about but how they look? They chose to be objectified by the country and pour their self worth into what some random ass motherfucker decides their "companionship" is worth to him.

    They're not CCH Pounder, Candice Bergen, Christina Hendricks, or Anna Gunn, who all demand the respect they've earned with the way the present themselves and the parts they choose. Now hating on people like them, THAT'S misogyny.

  • Wōđanaz Óðinn

    Some drunk guy made a series of unpleasant remarks on the twitter?
    Clutch the pearls!

    There should be a Douchebag-On-Twitter Jar. Every time this is pointed out, you put a bill in the jar.

  • JJ

    That would exponentially outperform their IPO.

  • Stacey Bryan

    Ugh. A misogyny discussion on pajiba. How surprising. Look, man, he was taking about bachelor contestants, not all women in general. If he had been talking about the men on the bachelorette, would you have posted this? If a woman had said these things would you have posted this? I somehow doubt it. Yeah he is a jerk , but people are jerks. Just look at the contestants on The bachelor. Geez...you take up for women. We get it. Thanks???

  • Lee

    I would like to know why Biggs didn't go after the guy. Seven tweets in a row about how ugly, orally deformed, ect. the women are but no word on how he feels about the man. Curious, no?

  • Kelly

    Jason Biggs has live-tweeted the Bachelor shows for a while now, and he usually won't hesitate to go after the dude or the chicks. Give him time!

  • chrisahl

    No. Simple math might reveal why. In watching with my SO, I throw out "mean" comments and I would love to have put one on Juan Pablo, believe me. Just not much to work with outside of hack accent material.

  • Whistler

    When watching it with some of my friends, our main jab at the guy was that he looked less latino than the Von Trapp family. There were others I can't remember right now, but they were as horrible as Biggs' ones.

  • LD

    You must be a GOP voter.

  • Some Guy

    You know how I know she's not a GOP voter?

    No GOP voter has ever received, at this point, 25 likes on this website for a comment that would identify them as a GOP voter.

  • Stacey Bryan

    Yes. Obviously I a republican because I don't get a sandy vagina every time a b-list actor insults reality show contestants teeth. Makes sense. Palin 2016!!

  • NynjaSquirrel

    I'm going to assume Michael Palin for president, cos any other Palin would just be fucking stupid.

  • Wōđanaz Óðinn

    You should patent that technology.

  • Guest

    deleted for rampant assholery. -TK

  • TK

    I'm going to write this out so that everyone understands why I'm opting to drop the hammer and delete pramini's comment.

    Say all you want about whether or not Dustin is being ridiculous, whether or not he's clutching his pearls, whether he's overly sensitive. All of those things are on the table when it comes to commenting.

    However. HOWEVER: Comments about a writer's -- or a reader's, for that matter -- family or spouse are not now, have never been, and never will be acceptable. And that is why this comment is being deleted. And I'm doing it this way so that it's clear for all to see.

    TL; DR - you're a crude asshole who doesn't understand even basic fucking human decency.

  • Some Guy

    Did six people upvote it and three people downvote it before or after you removed the comment?

  • Wrestling Fan

    I upvoted the deletion

  • LD

    Hmm, a man that is against mysogyny is weak to you? Because how else is that first sentence to understand otherwise?
    He should be spewing sexist bro crap to get your approval.

  • Steve Ward

    You could just as easily say that those were harsh jokes aimed at the kind of people The Bachelor attracts. Jokes about how no couple will come out of the show, and how they've already picked the next star lean that way.

  • Misogynistic? So because he made fun of a few random girls on TV, he hates women? Gimme a break. God forbid someone use mean-spirited humor towards a female. This is a first! Tragedy! Somebody dial 911 to the P.C. Police!

  • IngridToday

    I think the issue is that Biggs has no sense of humor or wit. He targets a show that most people don't watch/take seriously to tweet lame jokes. His jokes happen to target women, but, are more lazy uninspired comments.
    It's kind of sad that sitting at his computer with all the time in the world... these are the best 'jokes' he can come up.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Good job of being in character.

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