Jack McCoy Would Not Put With This: Hollywood Lawsuit Updates
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Jack McCoy Would Not Put Up With This: Hollywood Lawsuit Updates

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | March 13, 2013 | Comments ()


When I flutter around the Internet to find trade news, I usually look at The Hollywood Reporter last, because a huge quantity of their news is about the legal and business side of the industry, which is like watching porn for the interior decorating. I'm not sure who is the target consumer for articles about disposable executives getting contracts renewed other than the mothers of said executives. But that can't be right either, because it's a well known fact that disposable executives hatch from the spontaneously generated leathery eggs that grow in the slime pools underneath Fox Studios. Yeah, but some days THR produces gems in the rough. Today: Hollywood Lawsuit updates.

First, the lawsuit by Dave "Yuuup" Hester against A&E and "Storage Wars". And I refuse to investigate why that is his nickname, because reality cannot top the reasons I can think of. Anyway, a judge has ruled that the suit is full of crap because a non-gameshow cannot be rigged because if the whole thing is fake and all the players are getting paid anyway, there's nothing to rig in violation of those old gameshow laws. At that point it's not fraud, it's just plot. Just like you can't sue "The Walking Dead" for rigging who escapes from the zombies.

Also, as part of filing the lawsuit, Hester had to reveal how much he was paid for the show. And it turns out that if you're getting paid $25,000 per episode, the judge really doesn't feel sorry for you when you complain that the network stuck an extra couple hundred bucks of shiny stuff in the storage lockers. Yes, that's $650,000 per season for cameras to follow him around doing what he was doing anyway. Hey Hester, the police have some questions about the golden egg laying goose they found tortured to death in your storage locker.

(source: THR)

In other lawsuit news, Keith Olbermann has settled his $50 million lawsuit out of court with Current TV. Presumably the settlement was that they gave Olbermann his old MSNBC coffee mug, since no one has ever seen Current TV on an actual television.

(source: THR)

Finally, and this is my favorite one, Iran is suing various film companies for movies that "portray the Islamic Republic in a negative and unrealistic light." It's starting the ball rolling with Argo and also is declaring that 300, The Wrestler, and Not Without My Daughter have all misrepresented the delicate and peaceful history of the country. Yes, the country that calls America the Great Satan and openly urges the eradication of Israel is getting touchy about being called names. And just in case fatwa starts getting tossed around, Dustin totally published this under my name, just so everyone is clear on that.

(source: THR)

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  • zeke_the_pig

    Ho ho ho, Iran sure is a whacky country! Look at them doing all their crazy shit - illegally invading sovereign countries and murdering and displacing hundreds of thousands of people; propping up despots around the world to maintain domestic and international commercial interests. Those crazy, loony, whack-... Oh, no, wait a second... That's the U. S. of A.

  • Buck Forty

    No up votes? Let me fix that.

  • e jerry powell

    I did too see Current on a television once!

    But only once. Pre-Olbermann.

  • tamatha_uhmelmahaye

    SLW - the story behing "Yuuup" isn't that interesting. It's how he bids on lockers during the auction process. I guess he's made it into his "trademark."

  • I find the whole idea Hester used fraud as the basis of his lawsuit hillarious when he is one of the worst "inflating the value of junk found in the lockers" offenders on the show.

  • Bert_McGurt

    It's telling that the Iran lawsuit is neglecting to go after the Iron Sheik. Obviously they live in fear of the Camel Clutch.

  • John G.

    ok, 300 is ridiculous, but Argo did have some major factual errors, and did tend to treat Iranians as crazy monsters in a climate where we are saber rattling against Iran again.


  • zeke_the_pig

    This. Absolutely this. It's one thing to simplify international context for purposes of a story, but it becomes a far more insidious thing when - intentionally or not - it comes at a time when the drums of war are being beat and any distortion adds to the narrative that certain parties want to lead to another war crime.

    As a bonus, I do feel the need to repeat that Ahmadinejad never said that Israel should be 'wiped off the map'. By all accounts this was a mistranslation from Farsi. Rather than calling for a military eradication of the state of Israel he was in fact expressing a somewhat more wistful hope that the current regime that rules over the area will vanish at some point. Whatever side you take on this contentious issue you can't help but treat that as a completely different sentiment.

  • GDI

    No one wants to talk about the involvement of the Canucks?
    Fine, I'll go sulk in a dark, lonely corner.

  • Buck Forty

    Ben Affleck has apologized to New Zealand too, for twisting facts for dramatic purposes. The reality is that the rest of the world will take Argo as fact regardless.

  • PaddyDog

    But I would argue that Argo portrayed a much more savvy Iran than actually existed. In real life, they were totally duped by the film story and the six embassy people walked onto a plane with no hassle. Whereas in the film, the Iranians were much better at figuring out there was something rotten and almost got the infidels. Plus, the opening gave a very balanced account of why there was a revolution in the first place and the idiocy of the US in supporting the Shah. I would think that for many Americans, this was the first time they saw why the students revolted and why it was so easy for an extreme version of Islamic rule to be put in place. It puts much more context around their "craziness" to show that they had lived under a brutal secular, Western-supported dictator for so long.
    Note: I'm not making excuses for Iran, just putting things in perspective.

  • John G.

    It's true. If you only knew total propaganda before, Argo might be informative. However, as the article I pointed to describes, after the opening five minutes of facts that happened, it portrays most Iranians in the country as violent crazies. It keeps up the illusion that the embassy was taken for no other reason than that they were lawless animals bent on revenge. The taking of the embassy was tactical, because the US had used embassies in the past as a staging ground to support coups and to infiltrate countries. I'm not justifying the taking of hostages either, but it does help when you understand the tactic involved rather than to view it ahistorically as pure madness.

  • Cazadora

    I'm not sure where I read this, so I'm going to say it was George Friedman, a geo political analyst, but according to him there was no plan. It was a bunch of students who managed to get into the embassy and once they got there it was "holy #$@% what do we do now..." and then seizing the opportunity (so to speak). And the thing is, I find the idea of no plan more believable, because it was a chaotic environment and well executed plans generally don't spring from that kind of situation.

  • PaddyDog

    Okay, I understand your point. I've seen the film twice and it never occurred to me that the storming of the embassy was just revenge-fueled crazies on a rampage, but I wasn't living in the US when those events happened. I can actually see my husband (although he is very well-informed) having that perspective because it's all circumstances and upbringing and he is one of those people who thinks Reagan's America was the best (he seethes every Wednesday night when the Russians in The Americans succeed). So yeah, I agree with you on that point.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    which takes us to all the brouhaha on Benghazi. Planned or mob?

  • koko temur

    Pajibas comment section is such a bitter sweet expirience for me because i immidiatly start thinking of how uncool i am and just end up upvoting and in rare accasions verbally highfiving participatans, and then running away as a retarded child.
    So, high-five, both of you are right and making a very interesting and well imformed points. My inner history nerd is purring. I cant believe this place exists on the internets. *hits you both with a loaf of bread and runs away, while quoting eddie izzard".

  • Joe Grunenwald

    Ben Stone > Jack McCoy. That's all I have to add.

  • toblerone

    I hate Law and Order but have to agree. Speaking of Jack McCoy, am I the only one who thought Gene's Edison on BB was a spitting image of Jack McCoy / Sam Waterson?

  • Kballs

    Surprise! Iran is crazy!

    In other news, there's a lot of water lying around and Jennifer Lawrence is awesome.

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